WordPress VIP: Everything You want to Know About
WordPress VIP: Everything You want to Know About

WordPress VIP: Everything You want to Know About

Often people asked about WordPress VIP, cost, theme and benefits. It is nothing but a new digital marketing hosting service, whose main focus on the huge websites and on large scale digital companies.

If you are running an agency or a Digital Marketer, you probably check out the ways for best hosting, security, flexibility and good control. Is’nt it? By the help of WordPress Vip, you can set all these in order to make this task easier.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how it works and what are its benefits. Let’s jump in!

What is WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP is a high-end managed WordPress hosting platform for enterprise and large-scale websites. It is very little-known because of its strict coding standards and processes.

Moreover, it is used by the Enterprises where WordPress gives them all the support they need (for a fee, of course). It gives the fastest, most secure, and totally hassle-free WordPress hosting that you can buy.

WordPress VIP Cost

Considering the WordPress.com VIP pricing, It will take approx from $5,000 to $25,000 per month for up to 5 websites with a minimum $5,000 USD setup fee per-site. However, it is not certain pricing because its website does not have a public pricing page.

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Services Provided By WordPress Vip

Well, we know that it’s expensive, but offers an extensive range of services with great accuracy. i.e:

  • Speed
  • Fastest application
  • Handles website traffic
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • CDN and Bandwidth

Advantages of WordPress VIP

In order to support and host large scale high traffic WordPress websites,WordPress.com VIP hosting is one of the best solutions. Also, It is the premium based web hosting service designed to use by enterprise firms.

  • Fully Managed WordPress Platform
  • Support your team in Planning and Train them
  • Best performance by providing the solution for caching, code optimization, CDN service, or plugins.
  • Protection against DDOS attacks, block brute force and other types of attacks.
  • Fully encrypted from edge to origin.

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