LAST OF US 2 release date, story and everything you need to know
LAST OF US 2 release date, story and everything you need to know


After being in controversy for long period and most anticipated game which took almost 7 years to come into the market along with lots of spoilers and enormous leaks which really disappoint the Gamers and gaming industry, but the part first of the game really did the job that why fans are still having eager to hands on the second part “The Last Of Us 2” is about to kick out in this months on 19th of June 2020 in this pandemic.

Assurance of Directors

The Last Of Us 2 Director Mr Neil Druckmann has said in an interview to Eurogamer in which he said that he was really upset about the games pre-release leaks and unauthorised gameplay video, which really broke him down, he said the spoilers don’t affect the games because all these rumours about, what the ending is, but the ending is beyond their assumptions and filled with excitements and with more Action or horrific form which make this game more badass, The Last Of Us Part 2 gave us a glimpse of their world full of terrors….LAST OF US 2 release date, story and everything you need to know

He assured his fans that they will not get regret like earlier happened with Uncharted 4 which was leaked before the launch at that time it doesn’t affect the Uncharted now again we having the same trouble, he said that the leaks won’t impact on the Game.

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Neil Druckmann: They sucked. You’ve worked on something for so long, and then to have it come out in the way that it did was disappointing, to myself and other members of the team. But pretty quickly we huddled together and wanted to discuss it. First of all, The Last Of Us One had stuff leak, Uncharted 4 had a truck where the games were stolen off that truck early and people were like posting the ending early. And that didn’t take away from anything at the end, because nothing compares to playing it. Nothing compares to being Ellie and feeling those moments, not just in cut scenes, but in gameplay, conversations, the music and the emotional effect that has on you. And the story was constructed in such a way that it’s really not about twists and turns. It’s about slowly ratcheting the crank and feeling the tension with the choices the characters make.

So okay, it sucks. But we know once people get their hands on it, they’re going to feel what it is we’re after whether they’ve seen it or not, and that’s what made us confident. Okay, it’s going to be uncomfortable for a while, the games going to be out there, and I think you’re going to get what we want you to get out of it.

And he assures his fans that they won’t get regret after playing. And yeah, a lot of the misconception is like, oh, we’re somehow sacrificing the story to win diversity points. And that’s not how we work. Everything is in service of the story. Getting better diversity gives us a better story, gives us fresher perspectives on conflict. And I hope once they play the game, they’ll realize it.

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The Last of Us Part II is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, Genre(s) Action-adventure, survival horror Mode(s) Single-player, Platform PlayStation.LAST OF US 2 release date, story and everything you need to know

The Last of Us Part II takes place five years after the events of the first game and about 25 years after the outbreak of the Cordyceps Brain Infection began. Ellie, who is now 19 years old, will return as the main protagonist whom players will assume control of, as well as Joel in his mid-fifties. The story will be split into four seasonal chapters, starting with Jackson County, Wyoming, during the winter months. The pair, having settled down in Tommy’s settlement, live in relative peace within the thriving community. While there, Ellie has even managed to form friendships with Dina and Jesse. However, the survivors face constant threats from the Infected and other hostile survivors.

Five years after their dangerous journey across the post-pandemic United States, Ellie and Joel have settled down in Jackson, Wyoming. Living amongst a thriving community of survivors has allowed them peace and stability, despite the constant threat of the infected and other, more desperate survivors.

When a violent event disrupts that peace, Ellie embarks on a relentless journey to carry out justice and find closure. As she hunts those responsible ones by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions.

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