What Is Facebook Neighborhood For Local Communities
What Is Facebook Neighborhood For Local Communities

The world’s biggest and most popular social network “Facebook” was originally designed to connect people with the online world. Thus given the name “face book” A digitized version, launched by Mark Zuckerberg. After its launch, many features has been integrated with the platform to make it more usable and recently Facebook launched its new feature – Facebook Neighborhood to connect local communities.

Today Facebook mobile app is common to be found on users’ phones across the globe, with nearly 3 billion user app counts, as of early 2021. Now, the Facebook Neighborhood feature lets people connect with local communities. Also, people can find businesses nearby, and work with them whenever needed.

What Is Facebook Neighborhood?

Facebook Neighborhood is a single destination to build and strengthen local communities on Facebook, according to Reid Patton, Product Manager, Facebook Neighborhoods. This feature is designed to help people to connect with local communities where they can assist people, ask for help, and can participate in the community to discover new places nearby.

Although Facebook is already connecting people, with this feature, they can explore the local communities or neighbors, who share common interests. The new feature is now allow eligible users to connect.

The concept of connecting local community is not new today. Many apps have offered this before to connect with neighbours like Kahuti, Chummy, Nextdoor, and Zingr. Considering the situation during pandemic, facebook thinks its crucial these days to connect with neighborhoods and step ahead for help.

How it works?

This feature can be found in the Facebook app, available for eligible people and area. It is available for people of 18 years or older. After confirming your neighborhood, You can join your own neighborhood or or Nearby Neighborhoods to see neighbors updates. Facebook Neighborhood is totally opt in feature.

In addition to this, you can also share the interests, your favourite places and a biography while setting up the feature.

What are the offerings of Facebook Neighborhood?

Facebook Neighborhood offers other features like Neighborhoods Directory, Neighborhoods groups, Recommendations, Neighborhoods Polls, and Neighborhoods Guideines that will keep people engage.


As per the Facebook, this feature is currently available in Canada, and will begin to roll out to select US cities soon.

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