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Best Hidden features of Google-techcresendo

Google search Tips and Tricks

Google search Tips and Tricks Google hides many powerful tricks and tools under the hood. Check out these Google tips and tricks that will allow you to make better searches. Make Private Searches Startpage– allows you...
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Twitter changes star to heart-shaped button

Twitter changes ‘favourite’ star to heart-shaped ‘like’ button Twitter changes its star button that users click to 'favourite' a post and replaced it with a heart-shaped "Like" button. The company said on Tuesday it was replacing 'favourites' with...
Best Hidden Features of Hangouts - Google Chat

Best Hidden Features of Hangouts – Google Chat

There are a few fun tricks hidden inside Hangouts, Google's chat product. Here you can learn Best Hidden features of Google Chat. 1. /bikeshed - Best Hidden features of Google Chat Tapping in /bikeshed changes...
Apple iPhone 3D Touch

Facebook and WhatsApp both support 3D Touch now

Facebook and WhatsApp iPhone apps get 3D Touch Facebook and WhatsApp have added support for 3D Touch, the new iOS 9 feature on Apple iPhone 6S and Apple iPhone 6S Plus. Early this week, Updated iOS Facebook...
six emoji reactions

With Six emoji reactions , Facebook Supercharges The Like Button

Facebook is reportedly testing out adding six emoji reactions options "💖,😆,😊,😮,😥, and 😡" to the ubiquitous thumbs-up “like” button. In September, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company was looking into alternatives to...
Backup Your WhatsApp On Google Drive

Now Backup Your WhatsApp on Google Drive

Backup Your WhatsApp On Google Drive WhatsApp for Android now plays nice with Google Drive, letting you create a private online backup of all your data from the Facebook-owned chat service. The...
six emoji reactions

Facebook Includes Doodle feature To Image-Editing Options

Facebook’s Doodle feature lets users draw on photos Facebook unveils the Doodle feature on main app. An update to Facebook’s iOS and Android app features a new way to personalize your photos:...
Twitter-Video App Card

Twitter Launches ‘Video App Card’

Bring your app to life with the Video App Card Twitter launched a new features 'Video App Card', which will allow app makers to advertise their product via a video. According to the...