With Six emoji reactions , Facebook Supercharges The Like Button


Facebook is reportedly testing out adding six emoji reactions options “💖,😆,😊,😮,😥, and 😡” to the ubiquitous thumbs-up “like” button.

In September, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company was looking into alternatives to the Like button. Many interpreted that as a plan for a “dislike” button, but according to Engadget ES, Facebook is testing out a range of emoji options that run the emotional gamut.

six emoji reactions
six emoji reactions

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg initially teased Reactions during an event held at the company’s headquarters in September. Acknowledging that “not every moment is a good moment,” Zuckerberg said Facebook would introduce a feature to reflect its users’ wishes to have more ways to express themselves.

Facebook is currently only planing to test out the six emoji reactions in Ireland and Spain—relatively small markets, including one that is non-English speaking.

six emoji reactions
six emoji reactions

Add a Six emoji reactions

To add a six emoji reactions , mobile users will have to long-press on the “like” button and PC users will have to hover over it. An array of options will then pop up. A post will display counters for each reaction it has received.


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