How To Carve Your Digital Marketing Career Path
How To Carve Your Digital Marketing Career Path

It all started from the comfort and the need of a customer that is active 24x7x365 days. Digital Marketing, is the component of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies to assist users with enough information about the product and give a channel to buy it or consume it from their comfort. If you are someone who is looking to build your career in digital marketing read this article to level up your skills and begin your journey.

In the online world, information reaches people to educate them about products and services through search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click, marketing automation, email marketing, etc.

So, when you are in school, college start looking for certification courses, crash courses to learn something apart from your standard syllabus. Looking back on my journey, I was very keen in writing since my academic days. I have started creative writing almost 5 years back completed various online courses that supported my journey to become an effective digital marketer.

No wonder all those courses, helped shape my future, helped me in a strong storytelling foundation, and build innovative thinking that will further assist businesses to grow. Now, you may not fully prepare yourself for work in the marketing and communications fields until you go through tangible training in content management systems, search engine optimization, email campaign strategy, and more.

Today, As digital platforms are increasing people are incorporating these into their everyday life. Thus, the growth in Digital Marketing is also growing, which is at a rate of 25-30% in India annually. So, let’s follow the below steps to be a successful digital marketer:

  1. Work on creative thinking
  2. List of skills you need to master
  3. Digital Marketing Tools
  4. Exceptional writing and Communicational Skills
  5. Training & Certification

1. Work on creative thinking

In the digital marketing field, one can work on creative thinking to build exceptional campaigns that will hit the target audience and make a brand more visible. To build this you need to keep learning every single day. New technology and to build new strategies.

Now, this creativity is not limited to design which most people think of. But it is fundamental to marketing success that includes fresh new ideas and the ability to solve problems with a new approach.

Other reasons to boost creativity is to think of new market opportunities and also you can constantly revitalize businesses and improve your leadership skills.

2. List of skills you need to master

There are so many different marketing domains, niches, and industries with which you can work. Along with this huge number, there is great competition to deal with and the need to stand on the top.

In this technology-driven economy digital marketing is crucial to support businesses. Marketers should come with skills to handle web design, social media marketing, content creation, data analysis, SEO & SEM, CRM, communication skills, basic design skills, Advertisement, campaign planning, customer research and much more.

However these skills are very less when it comes to Digital Marketing which is not limited to content only. As the industry and technology changes you need to expand your verticals to serve the customer.

3. Digital Marketing Tools

Learn about tools which are very easy and useful while you are in college. There are many tools available online for free and many are paid, these tools makes easier for digital marketers to carry out their operations.

Moreover, the range of digital marketing careers is so vast, so you may pick tools like: Social listing tool, Site analytics tools, Designing tools like photoshop and Illustrator, for SEO etc. As a beginner you can start with Google Analytics, KWFinder – Keyword research and analysis tool, Canva, Grammarly- For Content writing, and SimilarWeb. Here is a list of widely used Digital Marketing Tools that a majority of marketers use.

  1. List of best PPC Tools
  2. List of SEO Tools 
  3. List of Backlink Checker Tools
  4. List of Competitor Research Tools
  5. List of Productive Blogging Tools
  6. List of Keyword Research Tool 

4. Exceptional writing and Communicational Skills

Good communication and writing skills in a digital marketer helps in creating and spreading impactful messages, and building relationships.

Further, writing and communicational skills will help you substantially in writing catchy emails, social media copies, landing pages, sales pitches, & start a positive conversation thread with people. This will also nurtures leads, sales & brand visibility.

Just like tools and technologies in digital marketing, the importance of communication skills is also significant because it requires you to work with teams, various stakeholders, brainstorm innovative ideas, and persuade people in order to turn visitor into customer.

5. Training & Certification

Digital marketing world moves at lightning speed where you need to fuel yourself with lots of knowledge, trend and technologies. Once you start working on all above steps and still feels that you need to learn from the trainer or mentor then go for a training and complete a certification course that will help you in smooth learning as well as resume building.

Apart from training, you can also ensure your skills stay up to date by reading the most popular digital marketing blogs.

Bonus tip: Find and Follow successful digital marketing people/industry influencers. Connect with them and learn new things/updates daily. Another good thing is to attend networking events. You’ll find plenty of ambitious, like-minded people to help you with your journey.

Start your learning journey today

Learning through online courses and Instructor-led training is just the beginning. Once you finish this start expanding your research and learning by implementing it in a real space. Join internship program, learn from the Alumni and Mentors.

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