21 amazing Mobile App Developer Resources You Don’t fathom
21 amazing Mobile App Developer Resources You Don’t fathom

Here Are Some Best Mobile App Developer Resources You Should Know About

Running a mobile app business is more than coding an app and submitting it to the app store. To be successful in today’s competitive app market, mobile app developer teams have to not only build and test their code, but market their apps, make updates, and do anything they can to keep mobile app users happy.

Unfortunately, this can all be overwhelming for mobile app developer that try to do everything themselves. The good news is, there are tons of amazing resources to help mobile app developer teams pull it off with ease.

Here are a few mobile app developer resources to get it all done that you maybe didn’t know existed.

Mobile App Services

Hockeyapp — App dev services

HockeyApp tells you about app crashes, handles app analytics and user feedback, and even helps you manage your beta testing. If you’re already considering these features from other service providers, just consolidate and use this one-stop shop service.

Content — Update app content remotely

If you need to change an image or anything else in your app without coding, just use Content. Content is basically like WordPress for your mobile app.

Anytime you or anyone wants to change video, images, audio, or even HTML in your native app, they can just drag and drop the new content into the app and users will see the changes in seconds.

Switch — Toggle your app features

You release your app and you’re excited it’s finally out. But in the reviews users are complaining about crashes.

What’s a developer to do? Pull the app from the app store…that’s dramatic. Send out a bug fix to in a week? Nah.

How about turning off the exact feature that’s causing the problem? Meet Switch. Let’s say your search feature is causing the crashes. Just use Switch to turn off only the search feature and your users can keep using the app while you bug fix. Once you find a fix, just switch the search feature back on and users can use the search feature without crashes.

Interesting App Dev Bits

Flat Mobile App Design in Photoshop Video

This video walks you through the entire process of making a beautiful flat mobile app design. It’s simple to follow, even for those of us Photoshop amateurs. Follow the video and you could end up with one beautiful looking app in a matter of hours.

App Development Blogs

iOS Blog — Objective-C Coding Tutorials

Awesome, simple, thorough Objective C tutorials. Sometimes it can’t get better than a solid tutorial to help you through code problems.

And this is just what iOS Blog delivers. If you ever get stuck or need to learn something new about Objective-C, this blog should be one of your first stops.

Luke W — Mobile Blog

This blog goes into more of the business side of mobile apps. If you want some awesome reads on design, UX, and mobile app business trends, just spend a few hours shuffling through this blog.

App Development Tools

Pop — Paper app prototyping

Sometimes we don’t have time to get that genius app idea into a big prototyping app. When you don’t have the time, just draw it on paper.

All you need is a pen, a piece of paper, your mobile device, and Pop and you can just take photos and simulate the screen flow right there.

AppThwack — Automated Testing for Apps

Use AppThwack to test your mobile app on real devices, with different carriers and ensure your app’s in top shape for all your users.

App Forums

Cocos2d — iOS game dev forum

Not enough love is given to mobile app game developers, even though they’re killing it in the app stores. So I love when I find resources dedicated to mobile game development.

If you want to create an iOS game using Cocos2d, this forum should be one of your first stops.

Making Money — Android dev & marketing forum

Who doesn’t want to make money from their apps? Seriously. That’s why if you’re an Android developer or looking to make the transition into the Android world, snooping around this wonderfully named forum wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Any Android dev topic from choosing the right ad network to discussions about unique marketing methods go on here. Just peruse and be prepared to be schooled.

App Design Resources

Opacity — Screen graphics app

Sometimes you don’t need everything graphics apps like Photoshop has to offer.

Opacity is an app that includes only the stuff you need to make on-screen graphics, like your app icon. No, you won’t be able to make awesome flyers with Opacity. But you surely can make a great looking app icon.


Design Mobile Apps book

There’s nothing like a beautiful book to teach you how to create beautiful apps. And that’s exactly what the Design Mobile Apps book is.

You need this book if you want a crash course on all things app design. From wireframing and user testing to file prep and design best practices, this book can get you through it. If you’re design challenged, this may be just what you need.

Content Strategy for Mobile

No matter the platform you develop for, your app needs content. The challenge today is not necessarily making your app for different platforms, but how to deliver a consistent “content experience” to all your mobile app users.

This book shows you how to create a “scalable” content strategy and talks about the importance of content on mobile.

iOS Only

Deploymate — Identify deprecated code in your app

Apps with old APIs can be crash magnets. So it’s crucial to keep an eye out for old code. Even though Xcode does a decent job at this, sometimes deprecated code can slip through the cracks.

Deploymate looks through your code and sniffs out old API code. Now you never have to risk your users experiencing crashes because of deprecated code again.

Reveal App — Inspect, modify, debug code

If you hate debugging your iOS apps, you may just change your mind using this tool. Reveal makes debugging almost fun by displaying the hierarchy of your app in 2D and 3D.

But Reveal isn’t just a beautiful way to debug your app. You have the power to make changes and see them instantly without recompiling your code.

Android Only

Nine Old — Android animation

Some of the most tedious things to code in your Android app are oftentimes animations. But they are sometimes necessary depending on the app you’re making.

If you want to make it easier on yourself, use the rotation, bouncing ball, scale, and other animations Nine Old already handles for you.

Edge Effect Override — Library for styling & customizing scrollbars

Hate the standard blue overscroll_edge and overscroll_glow effects, then change them. No need to do it the hard way. Just use the Edge Effect Override library to do it for you.

Changing the color doesn’t even require graphics. Simply change the color dynamically to get the effect you’re looking for.


Gamasutra — Five PR tips indies need

There’s undeniably nothing more important to your success in the app store than marketing. If no one knows about your app, you’ll actually go broke making apps.

So if shamelessly marketing your app isn’t your thing, Gamasutra graciously walks you through the process of talking to the press to get the app downloads you need.

Alau — Like bit.ly for apps

Alau makes short URLs specifically for mobile apps. If you want to know how many people actually downloaded your app and installed it after clicking the link, you want to try Alau.

App Design Extras

Iubenda — Mobile app privacy policy

If you don’t have a privacy policy for your mobile app. Stop everything you’re doing and get one.

Iubenda takes care of the boring, expensive process of getting a privacy policy done quickly and easily. Just select the services you are using like mobile analytics or a mobile content management system and you’ll automatically get an updatable privacy policy for your app.

App To Us — Easy app landing pages

If you’re already live in the app store and don’t have a website for your mobile app, Apptous has got to be the easiest way to get it done.

All you have to do is search for your app name and it will create a beautiful landing page for your mobile app. It will literally take seconds to get a website for your app, no excuses guys.


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