YouTube Soon Remove Ads And Demote Discoverability Of Channels Posting Harmful Videos

“Gaining fame by spreading your talent through videos shared on the internet is a good job. But when it comes to videos that harm the viewer is terrible”. Barring Logan, An American actor famous for its videos on the internet. Earlier, YouTube suspends ads on Barring Logan channels after “recent pattern” of behaviour in videos that is harmful to viewers.

American video-sharing website has now announced a set of rules and penalty on any creator in case they publish videos that are harmful to viewers. Also, Pauls channel face removal of channel’s eligibility to be recommended on YouTube like appearing on the home page, trending tab or watch next.

Furthermore, Youtube is well known for its Videos such as pranks, Crafts, Singing Covers, Animation, Tutorials and many more. With all these categories there is a presence of offensive content, made in the name of comedy or freedom of expression which is not good for viewers.

Finally, Youtube takes an action against these videos, this significant change will soon maintain its real image which is ruining by these offensive videos.

Soon, the youtube takes a new addition, Use of  AI technology to track the content of what’s being posted. This maintains the number of quality content videos that are shared on youtube and viewed by millions of people every day.

People are posting suicide video, prank, stunts, and other garbage content videos on the Youtube that make a bad impact on children.
Youtube is not a source of income by Ads if you really wish to earn or want to become a good Youtuber then start posting the genuine videos that don’t harm others.
In case, existing Youtube channel contains the wrong content remove it and publish the genuine content.


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