Steve Ballmer: Saving Apple in 1997 was ‘craziest thing’ Microsoft ever did

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Steve Ballmer: Saving Apple in 1997 was ‘craziest thing’ Microsoft ever did

In an interview with Bloomberg, Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said only homemade devices like the Surface Book and Surface Pro range are seriously competing with Apple.

Speaking of Apple’s high position at the top of the tech tree, Steve Ballmer said: “Microsoft will give them a good run for their money,” before adding “nobody else has really tries to compete with them anymore, really seriously, in hardware.

“If there’s going to be any competition for Apple at all, it will be from Microsoft” -Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft invested $150 million in archenemy Apple in 1997 as the company was facing bankruptcy right after the return of Steve Jobs.

Steve Ballmer took credit for saving Apple with an investment in 1997, when Steve Jobs returned – which was part of a patent lawsuit over Windows 95/stolen Quicktime code. Ballmer went on to describe the investment this way: “In a way you could say that was the craziest thing [Microsoft] ever did.”

Steve Ballmer also had some choice words for another big Microsoft rival, claiming Amazon is a place “people don’t want to work.”

“Anybody who ever left Microsoft [for Amazon], we could count on them coming back within a year or two because it’s not a great place to work.” Steve Ballmer says

Ballmer also said that he had taken a 4 percent stake in Twitter, which he revealed last week, before Jack Dorsey was selected as permanent CEO.


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