What are the fastest-growing Cloud Computing Companies to Work in 2021
What are the fastest-growing Cloud Computing Companies to Work in 2021

Cloud computing is the most flamboyant and in-demand technology in the industries during the coronavirus pandemic, it has seen that technology is gaining the fastest adoption. It has accelerated enterprise cloud to meet urgent needs, accelerate digital transformation projects and makes the processes more agile. Check out what are the fastest-growing Cloud Computing Companies to work in 2021?

The dependability of the cloud is due to the rise in the number of smartphones and other devices that can access the internet. Thus the demand for cloud engineers with handsome salary packages also getting started. So let’s look at the topmost cloud computing companies to work in 2021.

 List of fastest growing Cloud Computing Companies

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Kamatera
  4. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  5. DigitalOcean

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon web services is always on the top of the list. It is adopted by many enterprises during the pandemic to compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality. AWS cloud services ensure the increased flexibility, scalability, security and reliability in the organizations. It offers a substantial range of IaaS and PaaS services.

Around the world, the number of AWS users are increasing with a market share of a whopping 47.8%! Its data centers are present in many locations worldwide and headquartered in Seattle.

As far as the opportunity is concerned, in Amazon, there is a huge opportunity for people worldwide. If you are looking for a job in cloud computing, AWS is one of the pioneers industry to work in 2021.

2. Microsoft Azure

The next cloud computing company Microsoft Azure, commonly referred to as Azure. Although, it is new as compared with the top cloud computing companies but fairly known and adopted by many organization.

As per the reports, Azure fuels the revenue and becomes the second most trusted provider of cloud services worldwide with revenue of $37.2 billion and increased 12%.

Microsoft has always been known as the best place to work with growing opportunities and talented professionals. Due to managed data centres of Microsoft in 140 countries which is the huge network builds trust and requires Azure developers and administrators.

Both AWS and Microsoft give high salary which differs according to the region of developers and administrators they live in. And the impressive part with Azure is that it reduces the number of on-site resources in order to support a developer team.

3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

GCP provides an intuitive interface, preemptible instances, allow more data processing in less time, higher speeds and flexible compute options at lower costs.

Its data infrastructure are managed by the best developers around the world. Its, market share is less than that of Azure and AWS but many companies are working with GCP to get highly effective results.

Working in Google is the dream jobs of many, so what are you waiting for? Google has many great minds and has the highest employment rate considering its cloud computing domain. Also, if Cloud engineers who pass the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification can add an additional gem to salaries.

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4. Kamatera

Kamatera claims high performance and zero maintenance cloud service provider. It offers enterprise-level cloud services. Its cloud infrastructure is less expensive than the above three that is why is good for startups and small companies.

Kamatera is part of an international IT-based service provider established in 1995, it provides good speed, flexible, reliable and gives quick support to its customers. It is well known for  Server Management, CPU Monitoring, Credential Management, Email Monitoring, Event Logs, Patch Management, Scheduling, Server Monitoring and Virtual Machine Monitoring. No doubt, salary in all cloud jobs are high but to go in this company you need to brush up your skills and apply with great and exceptional skills set.

5. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean grows tremendously with years and known as a simple cloud service provider with a simple set-up and very affordable in price.

This platform offers add-on storage, monitoring capabilities, security, allows you to deploy your custom image, one-click app, deploy droplets, reliable connection and run production applications easily.

It has its headquarters in New York and good for developers and small applications to deploy and scale applications according to their needs. The company have a friendly working environment and a great and team to work with.

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