List Of Best Webinar Software to check in 2021      
List Of Best Webinar Software to check in 2021      

Webinar marketing is an important strategy for businesses, inform and engage with your audience. Nowadays a lot of consumer brands are also turning to it for their marketing efforts. Especially during the pandemic, COVID-19 is forcing businesses that previously held in-person events and sales meetings, to change it into a virtual environment and take proper safety measures. Checkout the list of best webinar software in 2021

Webinars give the chance to build a close relationship with the audience, delve deeper into the topics that concern them, and build the brand as a place, where people can come to gather more information according to their needs.

Now pros and cons are associated with all tools but to use them for your business needs a little research. Here can do the same in order to choose the right webinar platform for your business.

Best Webinar Software in 2021

  1. Demio
  2. Livestorm
  3. EverWebinar
  4. WebinarJam
  5. WebinarNinja

1. Demio

Demio claims itself a hassle-free tool to run webinars more effectively. It provides a simple, no-download webinar experience and the interesting parts that can help you to market your webinar for generating better results.

Since pandemic pulls everyone to go virtual, the demand for Webinar Software also increases. To scale the work of organizations and keep everything moving Demio serves a great service to its clients. From live video to the easy way of marketing in less time it generates & Qualifies Leads/Customers.

In addition to this, this webinar platform is also providing a solution of automating or live webinars option and can put your live webinars along with pre-recorded presentations or other simulated elements.

Other features like interactive polls, offers announcement with CTA’s, share live document handouts, Q&As, etc are feasible throughout the webinar. Demio is rewarding their customer with a discount on any plan on the basis of the last invoice of your current webinar platform.

2. Livestorm

Powerful video communication strategies are driven by powerful video conferencing or video software. Livestorm is here, a browser-based platform to serve customers with better video communication and at the same time engage audiences for all sizes of companies.

This Webinar tool is also called an all-in-one platform that helps any marketing, sales, customer success, or HR team to easily create meetings, webinars, conferences, online training, interviews, and demo sessions with clients.

Team up to plan your next webinar with Livestorm in order to generate effective results. You can create custom invitation pages, send emails for reminders, leverage chat options, engage with polls, and run Q&A. Once the event is completed you can extract a report from the advanced analytics dashboard.

In addition to this, Livestorm can be integrated with the most common marketing tools like Hubspot and Salesforce to streamline marketing and sales processes. According to the need, Livestorm has free access with limited options and paid one starting from $
109/ month.

3. EverWebinar

EverWebinar helps in creating the pre-recorded webinars into the live webinars. Interesting Isn’t it?  With EverWebinar you can increase the conversion and engage with the writing or importing your own chat history throughout the webinar.

Another commendable feature is clickable Offers, which definitely works when you are expecting a business from your event. EverWebinar converts the online event into fully-fledged money-making events by triggering offer displays that can take attendees to the sales page.

Other features like building a sales page are possible with 100% mobile responsive designs. Polls & Surveys, Integration with other tools, scheduling, email invitations, dynamic Attendee Display, and detailed Analytics are allowed.

In this webinar tool, there is no free plan but due to the pandemic, they are offering a 14-Day $1 Trial Today! Prices are pretty expensive but to help their customer with this new tool they are giving a 30-Day money-back guarantee. You can cancel anytime.

4. WebinarJam

Nowadays many entrepreneurs are working very hard to streamline the process from building the right strategies to implementing them. But when it comes to assigning tasks with a team with proper presentation is a headache.

WebinarJam plays a crucial role here, which is a good platform for the solopreneur. Although the tool is also giving success to many enterprises. WebinarJam is Trusted by over 50,000 customers.

Increase your sales with no distraction and an easy process to join the live webinar. Where no downloads are boosting the attendance for online events. Coming with a list of options, this cloud-based solution helps businesses by live streaming on Youtube and Facebook or event broadcasting via private webinar rooms. Moreover, customizing landing pages, CTA’s, promotional emails, create offers for your Audience, and links to sales pages are available.

It has three options but no free trials snd price starts at $499.00 per year with a 30-Day e money-back guarantee policy.

5. WebinarNinja

With an easy platform to impressive features, WebinarNinja standing in the list of best webinar software. This tool is good for individuals like coaches and trainers to grow and retain their audience with webinars.

WebinarNinja makes sales easy for individuals by built-in landing pages, email follows, and slide templates. It also includes automated webinars. However, the platform is not providing good customer service and solely for webinars. Considering the pricing, it starts at $49.00 per month, per user and also offers a free trial. You can consider it as an alternative to the above ones.


The top two platforms of this list are not the only great webinar platforms and a few outside bets that can be catered to more specialist needs.

For most businesses, Demio and EverWebinar came out on top when webinar marketing platform requirements are filtered. Only a platform can match these two in terms of marketing features and mixed webinars. But the question about the right webinar platform entirely depends on the specific needs, of course.

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