Best 5 IoT Projects
Best 5 IoT Projects For Students

Are you looking for Top IoT Projects to make? As IoT projects are growing rapidly, IoT is responsible for multi-trillion Dollar Market Growth in tech sectors. Thus, getting the knowledge of IoT(Internet Of Things) can add more value and improve your creativity skills. In this article, we cover Best 5 IoT Projects For Students To Make.

What is IoT technology?

IoT is a short form of Internet of Things. The technology can be simply defined as an ever-growing network of physical Internet-enabled objects and the communication between these objects.

Why is IoT important?

Over time, IoT plays an important role in storing and securing data, as IoT platforms help create and manage applications. The Internet-enabled devices collect and communicate data and being able to process data and make decisions.

What is IoT based project?

It is a very confusing situation for the student’s when the project topics given to them by their professors and they don’t know what to do next?

So, the information needed to make the IoT project is- initially project involves the design and building of an electronic device so that communication can occur between the devices. Further, these devices can be used to control all the electrical appliances in the home.

In order to design an IoT device, integrate the device with the raspberry pi board. Furthermore, The device can be controlled from a remote location via the internet.

Best 5 IoT Projects

Arduino IoT Robotic Arm
IoT-Toy-Traffic light
Arduino & Raspberry PI Chess Computer
Electronic door lock


Well, this project does not need any explanation, This is an amazing creation-Mark Zuckerberg’s AI.

According to Zuckerberg’s, “Building Jarvis was an interesting intellectual challenge, and it gave me direct experience building AI tools in areas that are important for our future.”

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Arduino IoT Robotic Arm

Aim: An ARDUINO IOT ROBOTIC ARM, is a good project in order to build an IoT based robotic arm. This project is published by Elecrow which is an open hardware facilitation company based in Shenzhen, on

The project having 5 Degrees of freedom( Including gripper), the control interface is built in Blynk app and forward kinematic is implemented in Matlab using the Robotics Toolbox.

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IoT-Toy-Traffic light or Toy Lamp

Aim: This IoT toy Traffic light is consist of included police mode, mood light and sleep timer. The light of this lamp is controlled by the smartphone by using WiFi.

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Arduino & Raspberry PI Chess Computer

Aim: This project build by a Wooden Chess Board and for the functionality, it comprises of Reed Switch Piece Recognition and LED move indicators.

This Raspberry PI Chess Computer used reed switched and signals for movement(using LED) on the square for recognises the piece positions.

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Electronic door lock

well, After considering the above projects we all know that IoT really makes life very easy in order to complete the task. Now, let’s see another reflection of IoT.

Aim: Electronic door lock, is the ultimate solution for those who don’t want open and close door again.

This Project comes with the amazing features like It automatically locks the door when the door closes and unlocks automatically.

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