mute individual tabs in Chrome
mute individual tabs in Chrome

You can now mute individual tabs in Chrome

Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux now finally lets you mute individual tabs in Chrome. The new feature was added in Chrome 46.

The latest build of Chrome provides user with an option to manually click on the tab and mute the audio. If two web pages are simultaneously playing a video, users had to either pause or mute a video. All a user needs to do is right-click on the tab which shows the little speaker icon and select the Mute tab option. The audio icon turns into the one with a slash. You can similarly unmute the page using the same extension.

There are other ways to mute tabs on Chrome apart from using add-ons and extensions. One way is type chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting into Chrome’s address bar.

Mozilla is also adding similar functionality to its browser, which still doesn’t have any sort of tab audio indicators. Firefox 42 beta not only shows a speaker icon if a tab is producing sound, but allows you to mute (speaker icon gets crossed out) or unmute the given tab with a single click.


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