Xiaomi launches Mi Air Purifier 2 and Mi Band 2 at Rs 9,999 and Rs 1,999
Xiaomi launches Mi Air Purifier 2 and Mi Band 2 at Rs 9,999 and Rs 1,999

Xiaomi launches Mi Air Purifier 2 and Mi Band 2 at Rs 9,999 and Rs 1,999

Chinese handset maker Xiaomi on Wednesday launched its Mi Air Purifier and Mi Band 2. The WiFi-enabled Mi Air Purifier 2, now available here and priced at ₹9,999 for the Indian market, is the part of Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Mi Ecosystem.

For India, this is the first IoT-based home product from Xiaomi; one that is strategically chosen given the deteriorating air quality in the country.

Air pollution remains one of the most talked about topics for a city like Delhi. According to the World Health Organization, 22 of the world’s 50 most polluted cities are in India, contributed significantly by the industrial and vehicular exhaust.

The Mi Air Purifier 2 can clean the air in a 15 x 15 square feet (roughly 21 square metres) room under 10 minutes. The device’s clean air delivery rate is 310-metre cube per hour.

The smart air purifier is WiFi enabled so that it can be controlled through an Android or iOS app. The Mi Home app can be used to control the purifier’s different modes and set schedules as well.

The Mi Air Purifier 2 is actually pretty compact. The unit comes with the filter inside which is convenient. There is just one button on the Mi Air Purifier 2 and you can keep tapping this to switch modes between Auto, Sleep, and Favourites. The Favourite mode can be used to set a strength for the fan, and for this, the Mi Home app is needed.

According to the company, the purifier can remove PM2.5 particles, dust, indoor plant pollen, pet fur and other foreign particles. “With its high 310m3/h CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), Mi Air Purifier 2 takes just 10 minutes to circulate purified air in a 21m2 room. Even so, the motor is extremely energy efficient with a low power consumption of 4.8W, while advanced aerodynamics reduce noise and wind resistance, resulting in a noise level as low as 30dB in Night mode,” Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi, said adding that the product will be available on Mi.com starting 26 September at 12 PM. It will also be available on Flipkart from 2 October.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Xiaomi launches Mi Air Purifier 2 and Mi Band 2 at Rs 9,999 and Rs 1,999

Xiaomi, known primarily for its smartphones in India, also launched its next generation of wearables, the Mi Band 2, at a price of Rs 1,999. The company justified the price rise with the addition of OLED display, clock feature along with notifications, heart rate monitor and a water-resistant form factor. The company also claims that the Band 2, which uses the Mi Fit app to track fitness goals for users, lasts over 20 days on a single charge.


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