Xbox beta app bang the windows 10 store

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Programming head Larry Hryb has confirmed that the Xbox beta app for windows 10 is now available. Xbox beta app is now ready for use with some new features, the beta app available in different languages with the aproximate size of 60.18MB.

Xbox beta app at windows 10

Here’s a closer look of what’s rolling out in the September release of the Xbox app on Windows 10

You can connect to Live Party or You can join the multiplayer, your friend list will automatically refresh online or offline status of your friends and the apps and games in which they are engaged. It means no need to hit refresh, keep open your app and your Activity Feed will let you know when there are new items to view, comment on, like, or share.

You can share game clips and view your achievements and gamescore across Xbox one and Windows devices.

Xbox and windows 10

You will now be able to use the app and other inputs compatible with your Windows devices – keyboards, touch keypads, and the like – to enter text in search boxes and more on Xbox One. You can use your Microphone, can access your Internet connection and act as a server, access your home or work networks and many more features.

  • Supported processors – x86, x64, arm.
  • Approximate size – 60.18 MB.
  • Real-time activity feed events in your friends list .
  • Provide feedback on new features or report issues with the app
  • Stream and play games from your Xbox One to any Windows 10 PC in your home.


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