Facebook Buys Beat Sabers Development Studio: Maker Of Hit VR Game
Facebook Buys Beat Sabers Development Studio: Maker Of Hit VR Game

Facebook’s Oculus VR division buys the Beat Sabers Development Studio

On Tuesday, Facebook announced its acquisition of Beat Games said it is buying the studio behind hit virtual reality game Beat Saber, to expand VR technology to wider audiences.

In a recent post of Oculus blog posted by Mike Verdu, Director of Content said, “Beat Games is joining us in our quest to bring VR to more people around the world.”

Earlier, in the month of September, Facebook announced its acquisition of CTRL-Labs, a startup that specializes in brain-computing technology. Now, this is the Facebook’s second major acquisition for its AR/VR division in 2019.

Moreover, the Beat Games will join the Facebook-owned Oculus, but it will operate independently out of Prague, the company said. Facebook did not disclose the financial terms of the deal to acquire Beat Games.

“Beat Games’ accomplishments are already impressive, but Facebook and the Beat Games team know that there is so much more that can be done across VR, games, and music,” said Mike Verdu.

Facebook also assured players that the studio would continue to ship content and updates for “Beat Saber” on platforms where it is already available.

“Beat Saber is a perfect example of why VR is so exciting—VR reimagines old genres and invents new ones,” Verdu said.

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