Arizona Governor Suspended Uber From Autonomous Vehicle Testing 
Arizona Governor Suspended Uber From Autonomous Vehicle Testing 

Arizona Governor Suspended Uber From Autonomous Vehicle Testing

From the recent news, Uber transportation network company has halted self-driving tests across North America. Now, Arizona Governor Suspends Uber From Autonomous Testing and calls Uber crash an ‘unquestionable failure’.

So, Public safety to be the First priority for those who operate self-driving cars. Considering the last week’s fatal crash in the city of Tempe.

At the time of accident The accident, autonomous test driver Rafaela Vasquez is driving at night agreed that he was looking down right at the moment of collision, left pedestrian 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg dead.

It is likely the first death caused by a self-driving vehicle. Previously,  A year ago, The same program suspended by the Uber after a different Arizona crash which did not result in any serious injuries.

Currently, The case is in under investigation by US National Transportation Safety Board investigation. The Tempe Police Department is also conducting an investigation, which will eventually be turned over to the Maricopa County Attorney’s office.

Previously, Uber had been testing self-driving cars in Arizona since late 2016, thanks for this suspend notice to uber self-driving cars technology.

Uber also, had previously been testing its cars in San Francisco, but the company was forced to remove the vehicles by the California Department of Motor Vehicles over Uber’s refusal to obtain the required permits.

The DMV sent a letter, to Uber executive Anthony Levandowski declaring that autonomous vehicles may only be tested on the public road.  Uber refused to apply for a $150 permit that would designate the cars as test vehicles, and allow them to be used on Californian roads.

Finally, On Monday Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey sent a letter declaring that the decision is in “the best interests of the people” of Arizona following Uber’s “unquestionable failure.”

Tempe Police tweeted that they are actively investigating the details of this incident, occurred on March 18th and update information regarding the investigation once it is available.


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