Twitter Bots: Twitter is cracking down on bots
Twitter Bots: Twitter is cracking down on bots

Twitter Bots: Twitter is cracking down on bots

Recently, Twitter announced about the block of Automation and the use of multiple accounts in order to keep Twitter safe and free from spam (Twitter Bots).

It is noticed that the most common spam violation is use of multiple accounts and the Twitter developer platform to attempt to artificially increase the fame of certain Tweets

Now, Finally, Twitter announced it is cracking down on bots. It changes to its API that reduces this huge impact of services like sharing a content links across multiple accounts, i.e. the software that powers Twitter bots.

So, finally, it is an end to services that allow those accounts to control and manage their tweets, retweets and follow for the fame. Meanwhile, the process of tweeting about the content remains the same but in a limitation format(single account).

Looking forward to the false activity or spam this would be a right decision and will target the significant conversations on Twitter including reports of the election, new launch, technology, etc.

Considering some other effect this change will also reduce the news of the applications that broadcast or share weather, emergency, or other public service reporting of broad community interest over and over including earthquake or tsunami alerts.

The functionality of bot makes the work easy, As it helps in automatic response but users use it for false Purposes in order to give them oversized influence and power.

Note* Twitter tells that, Since June 2017, it removed more than 220,000 applications in breaking of the rules responsible for  2.2 billion low-quality Tweets.


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