Internet Speed Test Apps: Tips to Locate the Best App for Testing Connection Speed
Internet Speed Test Apps: Tips to Locate the Best App for Testing Connection Speed

Tips To Locate The Internet Speed Test Apps

There is nothing quite as annoying as a slow-running computer. While there are quite of few tools out there to help determine why your computer may be running slow, not all of them have all the features you’re looking for. At least, that’s been our experience. So we decided to look into the various types of Internet Speed Test Apps on the market and how you can determine the right one for you.

There’s a website called AppGrooves, which we found while researching apps, that was a great starting point for our research, so we dived into a set of apps and analyzed commonalities and differences. Here is the list of Best 10 Speed Test Apps by AppGrooves.

In doing this, we were able to come up with three important tips. These are the tips we will be sharing with you below in order to make your app-finding experience so much easier.

Tips to choose the right Internet Speed Test Apps

1. Check Internet Connection

There are many types of internet connections (WiFi, 3G, 4G being just a few). A speed test app can check your internet speed on any type of connection and will let you determine which option has the best performance. If you want to check your 4G connection, an LTE speed test app is a great choice.

If you’re someone who regularly uses the internet in a variety of locations, a speed test app that includes a latency test will be a great tool to determine if your mobile data connection has better service in one place versus another. For example, you may find that your 3G network service is not great in your home, but gets you excellent reception at the café a few blocks away.

For those individuals who want the most from their online experience, try a speed test app that identifies the types of activities that work best for your internet connection speed. By quickly testing your connection, you’ll be able to stop wasting time attempting to watch videos with a slow internet connection.

2. Test Your Phone Speed

There are a variety of things that can influence your internet connection, and – it turns out – your phone may be one of them. If you believe your internet speed to be particularly slow on your mobile device, easily clear up any doubts you may have with a speed test app that checks your phone’s performance on Wi-Fi and on a network.

Regardless of whether you’re using a phone that is a few years old or you recently upgraded to the newest iPhone, your internet speed may come down to issues with your phone’s settings. Use a speed test app to check for connectivity issues on your phone in order to easily identify any problems you have and fix them (if possible) right away.

On the other hand, if you’re having issues streaming music or videos on your phone, it could be due to an app that is already installed on your phone using up your bandwidth and running in the background. Choose a speed test app that checks data usage for each app on your phone to provide valuable insights that you can use to then close unwanted apps and improve your internet experience.

3. Popular Speed Tests

Mobile data carriers like AT&T and Verizon often offer free internet speed measuring tools. Even if you’re not subscribed to that particular company’s mobile plan, you may be interested in using their speed test apps. These apps have a large infrastructure that allows them to produce results at a much faster and more accurate rate.

Also keep in mind that internet speed test apps have been around for many years and can also support speed tests across a variety of devices. Do you want to compare the internet speed on your mobile device to the one you get on your desktop computer (such as a PC or a Mac)? Your best bet is to use an app that’s been developed by a company that has been several years in the game, so you know the results are true and trustworthy.

For those of you who want the best online experience when streaming music and videos, you might prefer using a dedicated speed test created and issued by the exact same service provider. Something like this: Netflix has a specialized speed test that is optimized to make sure your internet connection is at full speed so you can watch your Netflix movies and TV shows without a hitch.


Finding a speed test app that suits you don’t have to be extremely difficult – especially not when you have these tips as a reference. Using these, we’re confident you’ll be able to find exactly what you need in no time!


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