Summoners War GB10 Team Guide: 4 Concepts to Have in Mind No Matter What Stage of the Game You're At
Summoners War GB10 Team Guide: 4 Concepts to Have in Mind No Matter What Stage of the Game You're At

Summoners War GB10 Team Guide: 4 Concepts to Have in Mind No Matter What Stage of the Game You’re At

One of your main aims in summoners war is to find a way to get your GB10 team to the maximum success rate, which is when you manage to achieve a forty-second average runtime, but it is important to appreciate that your approach should not be confined to having overpowered 5-star as team synergy and the correct rune builds are just as important. In this article, you will have a look at Summoners War GB10 Team Guide.

Learning about the best fusion monsters summoners war will help your strategy and if you can grasp some key concepts too, it should help you deliver a winning combination.

Let’s explore the Summoners War GB10 Team Guide.

1. Understanding the importance of farming GB10 quickly and efficiently

Basement 10, otherwise known as GB10 in Giant’s Keep should be high on your list of priorities because great runes are fundamental to your success in this and other areas of the game.

One of the main reasons why GB10 is such a key target is down to the fact that it is where you are going to be able to acquire some of the best rune types on offer in summoners war.

Aim to get through GB10 quickly and efficiently and decent rewards await you elsewhere.

2. Moving on from a starter team

If you don’t have the capability to farm GB10 on the auto you want to start by building a starter team that is able to farm this area of the game as efficiently as possible.

If you have already managed to achieve this aim and have a starter team, you can move on to a fast team or speed team options.

A good tip to remember is that Veromos is considered to be one of the best monses to build when you are still finding your way in the game. Above anything else, it is widely considered that although you can farm GB10 without Veromos it is going to make it much more challenging and inefficient without him.

3. Adding in damage dealers

Once you have found your feet in the game and have been farming GB10 for a period of time you will find that your runes have improved and the next step is to speed up your runs by adding a couple of damage dealers.

You can check out the rune farming guide for more insights into how to build a 100% success rate teams.

Some of the best damage dealers for GB10 are considered to be Lushen, the wind joker, and Sigmarus, the water phoenix.

4. Creating a twins team when you are free-to-play

The general consensus amongst gamers is that the best teams do tend to involve the Chakram Dancer and Boomerang Warrior twins but there are some creative teams that can get you through GB10 and beyond if you are free-to-play.

You want to have a team that can clear a dungeon in about 30 seconds and if you check out your own combinations and read some of the available guides you should be able to build a free-to-play twins team that closely rivals the best.

Keep this concept in mind and your summoners war experience should improve and it should allow you to make some great progress in the game.

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