Covid-19 acts as a Catalyst to AI Healthcare Revolution
Covid-19 acts as a Catalyst to AI Healthcare Revolution

The outbreak of Covid19 has put everyone in danger. As of today, the cases of positive coronavirus has surpassed more than 7 million, with a large number of deaths. On the bright side, more than 2 million people have recovered, but that is not stopping this virus from spreading further and infecting more and more people. Various precautions, methods, and techniques are being taken into consideration to control the pandemic. Among these methods and techniques, we have Al in the healthcare revolution. But is it really helpful, or is it bringing changes in the Covid19 pandemic? Stay tuned and hold on your breath to see how Covid-19 acts as a Catalyst to AI Healthcare Revolution.

Al Healthcare Revolution

The fourth revolution of healthcare is Artificial Intelligence(AI). In the simplest terms, it is the technology of getting accurate conclusions and predictions from the computer‘s algorithm without involving the human being’s direct input. However, the real question is that is Al really helpful in Covid19?

The answer to this is both Yes and No. The reason for yes is that AI has indeed brought positive changes and is a beneficial way to stay safe from the coronavirus. Following are the points highlighting its benefits:

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Benefits of Al in Covid19 pandemic:


Artificial Intelligence can inform a person, with the help of their location. If he or she is near a person of the affected case of coronavirus, it gets notified within 20 seconds, which is way too fast than human cognition. So, in this way, a person can excel at maintaining social distancing, particularly with the infected patients, and stay safe from the virus.


The situation of South Korea is an example of how the Al healthcare revolution can act as a catalyst in the pandemic in a positive way. One of the reasons, other than quick testing, why South Korea is among those countries who have controlled the situation is because people utilised artificial intelligence in staying aware and protected.


Another essential reason why Artificial Intelligence is helpful is that it works and analyzes data to prepare a prediction or conclusion on its own. Therefore, it decreases the amount of direct help or interference required by humans. The artificial intelligence work(s) by accessing the locations of a person and informing them about their surroundings.


The accuracy level of AI in terms of healthcare is also pretty impressive, as it is very accurate. According to the recent reports, artificial intelligence works and gives the correct response, exactly with 97% of the time, which indeed is very accurate and, therefore, easy to rely on or trust it. It adds to another reason why Covid19 acts as a catalyst for the artificial intelligence healthcare revolution.

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Times when Al Healthcare Revolution Fail

Al Healthcare Revolution can be utterly useless if the correct data is not available. For example, the correct data of infected patients. It is because of the computer’s algorithms to analyze and make conclusions. The computer algorithms work on the data and information available. Further, it performs an analysis to inform people regarding their surroundings being safe or not. However, if the basic correct data will not be available, AI will not be able to create correct conclusions.

More on Future of Al Healthcare Revolution

Covid19 is acting as a catalyst to Al Healthcare Revolution because of many reasons. One of the major one we can see from Covid19 outbreak- It has been brought more into practical use, to see the infected people in the surrounding.

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Thus, in the future, you will witness some breakthrough innovations which will revolutionize and bring enormous changes. Some of them include:

  • Mingling Robotics and AI to create an eco-system of rapid testing for easy diagnosis.
  • Smart and Intelligent Assistance in Radiology
  • Early Disease Detection (Even for Cancer)
  • Faster Rare Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Personalized Healthcare and Doctor alert System development
  • Robots performing surgeries with the aid of VR + AI-enabled systems

Some Final Note

From the above-mentioned points, we can conclude that artificial intelligence is being utilised in the present condition of coronavirus break and its footprints in healthcare.

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