How to measure the success of PR campaign
How to measure the success of PR campaign

An effective PR sends the right messages to the right people and creating a stronger brand reputation. A company itself and with the help of PR agencies work to promote a brand with numerous PR campaigns in order to transform the future and profitability of a business. But, it is very important to measure the effectiveness of a public relations campaign accurately. In this article, you will explore how to measure the success of a PR campaign in 5 steps.

5 Steps to measure the success of PR campaign

  1. Brand mentions
  2. Social Media Engagement(Reach, Followers)
  3. Website traffic
  4. Sales figures
  5. Website backlinks

1. Brand Mentions

Whether your brand is being talked about in the news, on the web, or across social media check the volume of mentions and analyze the number, how many times the name of your brand appears or is mentioned while running a PR campaign.

Moreover, monitoring brand mentions is highly beneficial. This will tell you how people are talking about brands. However, it’s also an incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome process so we have tools like Awario, Social Mention, and Mention, etc. to keep an eye on the volume.

2. Social Media Engagement(Reach, Followers)

Since everyone is active on social media it’s very easy to roll out the company message. Social Media giant Facebook has half of the audience and 90 percent of the people are active daily on Facebook. Similarly, other big platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are covering the space.

So, to check the PR campaign’s impact consider the number of new followers and average monthly post reach on your social media channels. Monitor the number of likes, retweets, and shares after the campaign on social media channels.

3. Website traffic

Measuring PR’s success by website traffic is another way and with the help of tools like Google Analytics the data sets are freely available and the process is surprisingly easy. All you need to make a report of the before and after website traffic of the PR campaign.

Your sales number will also increase if there is a spike in website traffic. Monitor the various engagements on website like page views, the number of active users, and actual conversions on your website. This you can track how PR efforts increase website traffic.

4. Sales Figures

Sales is the most important factor for any company and businesses are expecting sales from PR efforts too. However, through PR efforts it’s a lot harder to measure the direct impact on your sales.

One way is to track the traffic and CTA’s on your website just after the PR efforts, second, it will give significant sales over time because great PR helps in building credibility and trust among your target audience. Keep an eye on different sales channels after the campaign was launched in order to break down your sales data by type of channel.

5. Website backlinks

Backlinks can help your website rank higher in search engines by generating referral traffic to your website. Other, factor is domain authority which will also increase by building High-Quality Backlinks.

It is also an endorsement in customers’ eyes and can make the difference in the ultimate goal i.e sale. You can easily measure the backlinks during the PR campaign with SEO tools and track the effectiveness of a PR.


Since it’s very difficult to measure the accurate performance of PR but all businesses and PR professionals are interested to measure the performance with certain metrics so that they can use the time and money both in the right campaign.

Many tools along with platform matrices can help track success through real metrics. Like Social Media followers and Website traffic etc. Follow the above tips to gauge if your PR strategies are helping your brand or not.

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