Google News: A big step to stop the spread of fake news
Google News: A big step to stop the spread of fake news

Google is Optimising Google news portal with the new feature

Google  – The search engine giant is Optimising Google News portal with the new feature to stop the spread of FAKE NEWS. In the world of internet, it is easy to save time and read news from any place. You do not need to wait for newspaper and stay at home. The internet makes the easy path of spreading the news to all.

What happens if we got the wrong news? directly leads you to incomplete information, less practice and also, most of the big tech firms have been facing the problem. You do not get the idea what is going around you.

Today, we see the internet is filled with too many fake news websites, not those that Donald Trump continues to falsely accuse, but real sources false provable information — Google take a step to stop this junk to mislead people.

Moreover, Facebook has been doing to protect its website from this trash as much as possible. The tech giant now prevents websites from appearing in Google News search results when they hide their original country

The company also update their customers with new Google News index guidelines and has launched a new feature on Search and News which shows a “Fact Check” label for certain links, indicating whether a third-party fact-checking organization has found the story factual or not Google Practising to stop fake news from appearing on its news portal – Google News.

As per the updated guidelines, Google says ” News websites should not mask their original location.” If they still mask it, their news won’t appear in  Google News. Google is effectively overcoming fake news and reducing its chances of spreading, this change will have wide-ranging impact. It is worth adding that Google News doesn’t pick up news articles that fall under sections like – How-to articles, Advice columns, Job postings, Real estate listings and strictly informational content such as weather forecasts and stock data.

Nowadays, people are actually lost, they can’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s false. Instead of google news, if we talk about another major source of getting information- that is “Social media” we read so many news and that is not all really exist. Some of them are just to make people fool or their site/page engagement.


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