Facebook admits: using Facebook can be bad for user's Mental Health
Facebook admits: using Facebook can be bad for user's Mental Health

Facebook admits: using Facebook can be bad for user’s Mental Health

“All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off.” Social Media is not a bad thing but, when you spend your whole day on it without and productive reason then it is all waste of time. People are wasting there time on Facebook, scrolling pages, talking to strangers, watching silly things which have no profitable result in your life.

Facebook also has positive sides: promotion, Adds and small business grow with the help of it. But, instead of these our youth and elder ones, turns into the negative shelter of Facebook and they just waste their time.

Facebook has acknowledged that scrolling through posts all the time it is bad for you and also make people worse. On Dec. 15, a strange post went up on Facebook’s corporate blog. It was strange because it suggested that Facebook might, in fact, be bad for you.

This post aims to address concerns that social media broadly, and Facebook specifically, might be having a negative impact on society.  Somehow, active engagement on the social media can have may have a positive effect too. But, talking about its negative impact Facebook, might be contributing people towards ill or affects mental health.

People spend a lot of time passively consuming information. This is ridiculous when people scrolling through Facebook, and blindly hitting the “like” button.

Using Facebook with actively not by just hitting the like button blindly, People should read the article (post) carefully and then give reaction to it. Also instead of only hitting the like button people should share more post, more updates, send more messages, leave more comments only on genuine topics.

Moreover, Facebook understands the emotions of people and for the sake of its own growth, they also posted Facebook’s “take a break” feature. This will hide your ex-partner’s profile updates for you after a break-up, to help in “emotional recovery.” Because, sure, that seems healthier than just not using Facebook at all for a little while.

Well, our parents are always giving a good advice and we have to follow it. “Using things is good but, when you make it an addiction, it will harm you soon.”


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