Data Privacy Law In India: Personal Data Protection Bill
Data Privacy Law In India: Personal Data Protection Bill

DATA PRIVACY LAW IN INDIA: Personal Data Protection Bill

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” 

In today’s world, we are running to fast with help of science & technology and its booming whole world with full of exciting and innovative ideas and learning opportunities and developing intellects and motivating us to generate something extraordinary which is beyond the reasonable doubts.

In today’s era whole world is concerning about DATA PRIVACY LAW because the technology plays a very vital role and diverging the intellects to mischief with the general public and stealing their valuable data and hindrance in their personal life.

Since then every new innovation like APP and other social media things what they are doing they just try to deceit their user by increasing their interest in that particular APP if their interest has arisen in that particular APP they become blind and they just start allowing and giving permission to that particular APP and what they do they just take excess on their user phones and other devices which can be connected through the Internet and after gaining access in their device they steel all valuable information and try to sell them in black market.

That’s a harsh reality but in front of their enjoyments and their lust peoples are becoming more and more dumb and blind and slow-witted or dazed state of mind. And these giants are becoming more and wealthier day by day.

Data Privacy Law In India: Personal Data Protection Bill
Data Privacy Law In India: Personal Data Protection Bill

UK & European country has developed law regarding Privacy of Data and protecting their netizens from the breach of personal data and their privacy and impose penalty to those who are violating the and breaching data and violates the law and fundamental rights but law regarding privacy of personal data India also getting on track and its improvising laws in cyber world also and trying to protect netizens from data breach.

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On January 2019 the Union minister of electronics and informative technology, MR. Ravi Shankar Prasad informed the Rajya Sabha that the DATA PROTECTION Bill has been finalized and will be proposed in parliaments as soon as possible. And the present legal framework on data privacy in India is limited and need some more improvements.


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