List Of Best Tools For Agile Project Management
List Of Best Tools For Agile Project Management

Agile processes promote fast and sustainable development. Many organizations are adopting agile to maintain a constant pace in project management. Implementing Agile practices in an organization empowers people, builds accountability, encourages diversity of ideas, and promotes continuous improvement to manage changing priorities. In this article, we’ve gathered a collection of Best Tools For Agile Project Management.

Leading an Agile project management team and monitoring project progress isn’t easy, so to support these Agile tools came into the picture in order to build the right product as per customer needs.

Moreover agile elevates the idea of self-organizing – A team that does not depend on or waits for a manager to assign work. Instead, teams start the work independently and manage the associated responsibilities and timelines.

Checkout best Agile tools for Project Management:

Best Tools For Agile Project Management

  1. Jira
  2. Active Collab
  3. ClickUp
  4. PlanBox

1. Jira

Jira is one of the most highly recommended tools for fixing issues and tracking bugs in the system. Since the year 2002, Jira is being used by many organizations for issues, bugs, and project management functions. It provides three packages now- Jira Core: for basic project management platform, Jira Software: Additional Agile functionality and functions of Jira Core, Jira Service Desk: for IT professionals.

Since its inception, Jira has grown, adopted by many organizations, and loved by many teams around the world. But, Jira is way too complex and even requires developers to dig into things deeply and delve through complicated configurations. Developers can communicate via the command line terminal.

Jira tool dashboard can be customized according to the business processes. Due to its complexity, it is good for software and SaaS teams. In terms of pricing, it is one of the most expensive agile project management tools.

2. Active Collab

From conception to completion, Active Collab plays a great role in agile Project Management. It gives complete control over work – all tasks, communication, team members, and files.

With Active Collab, the team can stop juggling and more time for Real Work. The heart of the system is its use. The system can be used by people who have never come across a project management tool before. Active Collab is good for project managers, developers, team communication, and even customers. For tracking, this tool has a timeline and column view for the assigned tasks instead of Gantt. Charts.

In terms of pricing, it is more affordable where the price depends on the number of team members. You can choose from the annual and monthly subscriptions. They also provide free access for personal use or professionals who are just getting started with smaller projects limited to the three seats included in the plan.

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is also a very impressive agile project management tool with lots of possibilities for managing the agile team and streamlined workflow. It is extremely flexible provides custom spaces, project priorities, kanban boards, project budgeting, file sharing, team communication, and lists. Also, it gives control to track the progress, completion, and not completed status.

The interesting part with ClickUp is, that it connects with the other popular platforms to bring a perfect amalgamation to manage a project. Now, this tool follows the Sprints – the heart of agile methodologies. ClickUp provides an all-in-one Sprint feature to save time, foster collaboration, and hit goals.

From a free plan with limited options to a paid plan of $5/user/month, it is a good option for the project manager’s to keep their hands free and manage all important things inside the platform seamlessly.

4. PlanBox

Monitoring the project, Keeping the team running on schedule, and meeting the planned work, with the team progress is all look very daunting. But the right set of practices can do wonders. Planbox provides cloud-based AI-powered agile software.

It has impressive features that work in levels. Starting from taking the initiatives, then project items which are distributed in tasks. To monitor all levels Planbox tracks the progress on all these levels and in the end generates a report for all stakeholders.

With this cost effective ecosystem you can solve daily business challenges bring a seamless workflow process in your organization. This agile management software is best suited for teams of all sizes. As far as pricing is concerned it starts at $2.00 per user, per year.They do not have a free plan.

5. is an easy-to-use and visually intuitive agile software for Agile Project Management. It provides building blocks like Apps and integrations that can be used to do proper planning, collaborating, and tracking progress.

To stay aligned with all the processes of the sales pipeline, marketing campaign, CRM integration, or tracking reports – provides a collaborative space. This tool supports integration with Gmail, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, and more.

The basic pricing of this tool starts from ₹600 seat /month, standard, pro, and enterprise version. Also, it gives a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.


To continue agile practices and improves the future of Project Management there are many tools. But to choose the best from the above list is depends on what works the best for your team according to the project requirements.

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