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10 reasons why you should learn Java

In more than last 20 years, Java has been proving itself as one of the best Programming language ever. Two decades is not a little span to sustain a position in this random developing tech universe for a programming language. Java is gaining strength with time and if you face the problem of slackening, it responds immediately. With improved performance of Java 6 and Google’s selection of programming language to develop Android apps, Java has achieved the front line popularity.

If you are looking for the best Programming language, we will suggest you learn Java. Learning Java will help you getting the number of job opportunities and even you can think of developing Android mobile applications.

Here are 10 reasons why you should learn Java

  • Object Oriented language: Java is an Object Oriented Programming language and closer to entire OOPS Programming language. If you learn about the main concepts of OOPS, you can use them frequently with Java. This application keeps the entire system more flexible and developing this one, is not too hard a matter to discuss.
  • Get Java free: Java is free of cost, and this is another cause, which increased its popularity among the organization and solo programmers. You have to pay absolutely nothing for creating any Java application. Therefore, ‘Free’ things are not too bad always.
  • Independent platform: Since 1990, Java is maintaining the most consistent idea to write once and run anywhere you wish. Java applications are mostly run in the UNIX platform.
  • Learning is easy: If you are stepping into the world of Programming language, Java is truly the ideal one to learn. Many of others won’t agree on this point but Java includes syntax and magic characters with fluent English. In addition, you will find it easier to write Java programmes.
  • Javadocs are excellent: Javadocs are built up to make learning easier and they provide awesome support as well as the reference when you are coding in Java. That’s why, while learning methods, you have no need to look for codes. All the details will be on IDE window.
  • Community shows the strength: Java is too lucky to have such a supportive community that helps the beginners, advanced and the experts as well. This programming language can boast of its strongest community rather the sole power. The free contribution of the experts to the active Java community and forums help a newbie amazingly. In short, if the community wouldn’t have helped this Programming language, Java could hardly become popular for its performance.
  • Availability: Like the spiritual belief of omnipresence of God, Java proves it technically. Whether you are using a tab, desktop, laptop or simply a cell phone, Java is available everywhere. If you start finding Java developers, you may get quite an impressive number of them.
  • Enriched with API: API is essential for the software applications. You must know that good Application Programming Interface (API) helps immensely in the development of a programme quite easily. Java has the most enriched and visible API that comes with its installation and number of powerful tools.
  • Have all the answers: Java is the most discussed Programming language. So as a newbie, you are most likely to find out all the queries already asked and answered.
  • Android facility: All of the Android apps are written in Java and you can quickly publish your dream up with some easy steps.


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