WhatsApp Update: open chat without visiting app. Here's how you can chat
WhatsApp Update: open chat without visiting app. Here's how you can chat

WhatsApp Update: open chat without visiting app. Here’s how you can chat

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chat app, with over 1.5billion Active users each month. The WhatsApp messaging app is owned by Facebook and was purchased back in 2014 for $1.5 billion. Unlike the social network’s other apps, Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp has so far remained an ad-free programme. Here is the new WhatsApp Update that allows you chat directly without visiting App.

Now, you can directly chat with family or friends on WhatsApp’s web version after the Facebook-owned messaging service registered a new domain www.wa.me.

In a report featured on WAbeta Info, the domain is a short link of api.whatsapp.com and can be used to quickly open a chat in WhatsApp. For users to enjoy the new update, they will need to update their app to Android version 2.18.138.

Here is how new WhatsApp update work?

If you want to chat directly with your family or friends on WhatsApp without visiting App you need to type https://wa.me/(phone number) of the person to whom you want to drop the text. You will automatically be directed to the chat.

If you try to open a chat with an incorrect WhatsApp phone number, WhatsApp will notify you as ‘phone number shared via URL is invalid’.

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Recently WhatsApp introduced a new Group Settings feature. This WhatsApp Restricted Group Feature contains the ability to select which group participants will be able to edit group info – all participants, or group admins.

This Feature gives the control to the administrator, restrict other members from sending text messages, photographs, videos, GIFs, documents or voice messages in case the admin thinks so.

So, Once restricted, other members will simply have to read their messages and will not be able to respond. Further, Group admins have more control over the groups they manage.


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