What Is Video Blogging And Its Compelling Benefits
What Is Video Blogging And Its Compelling Benefits

What Is Video Blogging And Its Compelling Benefits

We have talked a lot about How to start a blog, How many types of the blog to start, Now In this article you will learn about Video blogging. With the help of this article, you start producing videos for your brand, blogs.

As we know that, Video blogging is becoming more and more popular, successful on the internet. It is a form of the blog and usually shortened to vlog. It’s a Proven Tactics that using a video on the blog increase your traffic, this results in a good Google Ranking.

Among the Types of content Video is a great strategy to deliver information today and know as one of the most, influential communication mediums. According to the survey, we found that 80 per cent of web traffic will be video.

Marketers and bloggers use Video blogging to communicate online. Because the videos give your blog’s followers a media-rich experience, Also you can express your thoughts and ideas in an entertaining format.

What is Video Blogging?

Video Blogging is same as other forms of blogging or spreading information, The only change in this, it takes video format which entertains the reader or visitor of your blog.

Video blogging or vlogging is a process where you make a video and post it on the internet with the intention of getting a response from viewers. You either self-host your video or use free services like YouTube, Vimeo to host your videos.

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Advantages of Video Blogging

Producing good videos attracts customers. Video reaches 3x as many people and gets 20% more attention than standard blog posts. We can correct use of visual effects and a little hard work in producing good videos that can teach your audience in a better way.

Moreover, Video blogging enhances your faith, chances of increasing conversion rate increases and increase your sales.

Producing a video blog takes some technical skills, a PC or a Mac computer, a video camera and software to assist you to upload video footage. For this Professional companies and media, brand hire professionals to create remarkable videos for them.

Let’s Explore All the benefits we will get from Video Blogging:

Benefits Of Video Blogging

  • Interest Of Viewers
  • Video boosts conversion rates.
  • Videos Good For email marketing campaigns
  • Live video Blogging
  • Make Money From Video

1. Interest

Generally, what we see, People engage more in watching videos rather than reading the content. For example, Nowadays, we saw people are more active in scrolling the screen and busy watching the information via video.

Also, when we see a video in the news feed of Facebook we are more inclined to watch it rather reading long information right?

Moreover, When you tweet your video on twitter you see people started re-tweeting your post more, in this way you get more people to see your site. The same could be said about any of the social networking sites in order to get more traffic.

Now, Interest can also be defined as seeing the information in an entertaining and descriptive way. Video Blogging allows you to deliver the same messaging you would in print in a more captivating manner.

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2. Video boosts conversion rates

So, the video attracts more, engage more people and really a good way to get traffic on the website. Moreover, We can say a video should be seen as an investment because including video on a landing page can boost(increase) conversions by 80%!

The Videos assist in converting visitors into a lead (or a lead to convert into a customer!). As the video gives a captivating message, Conveying the right emotions rather than simply reading the same information alone. Also, Videos go viral quickly than a text content.

3. Videos Good For email marketing campaigns

Email marketing plays a vital role in building relationships, loyalty and trust with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers. it leads you to direct contact with customers at a time that is convenient for them.  Also, email is one of the biggest drivers of ROI around.

Now, If you use “video” in your subject line can boost open rates and lower unsubscribe rates. Video in an email leads to a 250-300% increase in click-through rate. Email can definitely be as effective and as cutting edge as anything on social media or the web. All you need to use your creative thinking to create a powerful email.

4. Live video Blogging

As there are many benefits to use live video, It is an effective and powerful in a wide variety of contexts, including product and services promotions, live announcements of exams or tutorials, online classes, and wildlife broadcasting.

Furthermore, Big companies also use live broadcasts to maximize direct communication with customers and community partners. Overall, We can say Live blogging has been made everything easy.


5. Make money from Video

Video Audience is increasing, thus people love to get information via video content rather than text. Also, There are many opportunities that you can use to make money with your videos right now.

For this, All you need to produce an interesting video and sharing your videos online in order to attract more viewers to your videos. Either you can create your own such platform for adding ads on videos or you can apply for Youtube and monetize all your video content using Adsense.

Producing good and interesting videos make is probably the most common way that most video bloggers begin to start making money with videos.

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