Twitter New Feature: Push More News Links
Twitter New Feature: Push More News Links

Twitter New Feature: Push More News Links

“News are more than just facts and information, it is information that affects us” Considering News importance, Twitter has now rolled out a new feature(Twitter New Feature) to highlight the News links shared by your network into your Home timeline.

The Twitter spokesperson said on Saturday, The feature has rolled out to all Twitter users across iOS, Android, and web.

This is a good move, As users can see live news broadcasts, Also this feature introduced in order to switch its identity from “social networking” to a “news” app.

According to the reports, It is highlighting news and tweets from reporters in its “explore” tab.

Furthermore, Twitter is also experimenting with organized timelines around breaking news events.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced the block of Automation and the use of multiple accounts in order to keep Twitter safe and free from spam (Twitter Bots).

It is noticed that the most common spam violation is the use of multiple accounts and the Twitter developer platform to attempt to artificially increase the fame of certain Tweets.

Twitter, stated that it was committed to ensuring that the information people receive on the site is credible and authentic.

Our goal is to provide support to people in times of crisis and show people what matters most,” Del Harvey, Twitter’s Vice President for Trust and Safety said in a blog post in the aftermath of the attack at YouTube headquarters.

He also said that “Over the past few months, we’ve refined our tools, improved the speed of our response, and identified areas where we can improve”.


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