List of free computer science courses available on Github
List of free computer science courses available on Github

Are you a tech geek and looking to enhance your skills more? Get free Computer Science courses online from the world’s leading academies. You can watch these courses online in a video straight to your computer.

Github compiled this list of 800+ free computer science courses that you can start this month. The intent of sharing this list by them is to act as Online bookmarks/lookup table for freely available online video courses.

If you are a student this is the right place to pick the free online course which is completely free and informative. In the below list, 90% of courses on Data Structures/Algorithms/Operating Systems/Machine Learning/Computer Networks/etc tend to have 80-90% overlap in curriculum.

The best part of this list is it covers courses from many big institutes like MIT OpenCourseWare, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Washington, IIT Delhi, Kanpur, Madras, Kharagpur, Udaicity, etc.

Moreover, you can also copy the name or code of the course to search on google and can start from there. Those who don’t like math and want to at least command in computer science, so there is designed course for Math for Computer Scientist. 

Here is the link of Computer Science courses with video lectures. Also, you can find the below table of content for the courses covered.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Computer Science
  2. Data Structures and Algorithms
  3. Systems Programming
  4. Database Systems
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Machine Learning
  8. Web Programming and Internet Technologies
  9. Computer Networks
  10. Math for Computer Scientist
  11. Theoretical CS and Programming Languages
  12. Embedded Systems
  13. Real time system evaluation
  14. Computer Organization and Architecture
  15. Security
  16. Computer Graphics
  17. Image Processing and Computer Vision
  18. Computational Biology
  19. Quantum Computing
  20. Robotics
  21. Computational Finance
  22. Blockchain Development
  23. Misc

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