How to Start Video Blog- Beginner Guide
How to Start Video Blog- Beginner Guide

How to Start Video Blog- Beginner Guide

Video and marketing, Both are different words but, when we use them together it creates a building block that gives the effective result.” Yes, Here I am emphasizing on using videos in your blog posts in order to make more happening, entertaining, and descriptive blog. In this article, you learn how to start a Video Blog.

So, If You thinking, why it is necessary or important then you should know that there is a big reason to start a video or publishing videos to your blog. As we know that, from traditional television commercials in the 1960s to today’s video platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo videos have becoming a major part of daily life.

Considering the effects and results of Videos on the blog we can say that, It is a powerful technique, convenient and efficient for the consumer, attractive, versatile, and extremely descriptive medium to reach the audiences. Moreover, Video Marketing drives a 100% more effective marketing result than the other marketing.

What is Video Blogging?

Video Blogging is same as other forms of blogging or spreading information, The only change in this, it takes video format which entertains the reader or visitor of your blog.

Video blogging or vlogging is a process where you make a video and post it on the internet with the intention of getting a response from viewers. You either self-host your video or use free services like YouTube, Vimeo to host your videos.

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Advantages of Video Blogging

Producing good videos attracts customers. Video reaches 3x as many people and gets 20% more attention than standard blog posts. We can correct use of visual effects and a little hard work in producing good videos that can teach your audience in a better way.

Moreover, Video blogging enhances your faith, chances of increasing conversion rate increases and increase your sales.

Producing a video blog takes some technical skills, a PC or a Mac computer, a video camera and software to assist you to upload video footage. For this Professional companies and media, brand hire professionals to create remarkable videos for them.

               Steps to Start a Video Blog

  • Choose Blog Name And Blog Platform
  • Choose the Domain name.
  • Get your blog online (Web-hosting)

1. Blog Name And Blog Platform

So, This is the first step where you need to decide what you want to publish on the internet and decide the name of your blog. Once you give a name to your blog, choose the blogging platform where you want to build a blog.

While choosing the blog platform, go with user-friendly blog platform. Here, I recommend to go with WordPress, The most popular CMS and self-hosted platform. You can also use Blogger and Tumblr.

2. Choose the Domain name.

Once you decide the name of your blog and platform, the next step is to buy a domain to live your blog. Your domain name will be the name by which you will be known online, unique address on the Internet.

For making your blog more popular, choose “dot com” or it may be country or niche specific.

3. Get your blog online (Web-hosting)

If you are going with a BlogSpot to start Blog, you don’t need a Hosting account and your goal is to get a custom domain.

Here, On BlogSpot, you can choose a domain name like default) or For, getting a branded domain name like you have to spend $2-$10.

Another one is WordPress blog, so if you are choosing WordPress platform it’s time to get a hosting.

Web Hosting needs to provide space on the Internet for your blog. So, It plays an important role. Now, The amount of traffic your website can handle really depends on the WordPress hosting plan that you’re on. You can also choose shared hosting plans, which can comfortably handle 1000 to 2000 visitors per day.

Note* Choose good web-hosting that gives good support and a good up-time.
Here is some list of Best Hosting Providers:

  • Godaddy
  • Bluehost
  • Justhost
  • FatCow
  • HostMonster
  • Web hosting hub
  • iPage
  • Hostinger
  • HostGator
  • GreenGeeks

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