How to read WhatsApp messages WITHOUT blueticks
How to read WhatsApp messages WITHOUT blueticks

Here’s how to read WhatsApp messages WITHOUT Blue ticks

Sometimes you don’t want to reply on WhatsApp, but want to read what they have sent you? The Blue ticks feature of WhatsApp, which was launched in November 2014, makes that hard to do. Now, there is a simple way to read the WhatsApp messages without Blue ticks.

When both ticks appear next to a message it lets the sender know his or her message has successfully been received and read by the recipient via its “grey ticks, which means received, and blue ticks, which means read” system.

Thanks to these Whatsapp message hack, you may never have to worry about the Blue ticks  🙂 .

  • When you receive the WhatsApp messages do NOT open it and close all notifications.
  • Instead, navigate to the settings on your device – drag up from the bottom for Control Centre on iOS, to down from the top for the Quick Settings in Android – and switch on Airplane Mode(Offline Mode).
  • This disables your mobile signals and Wi-Fi access, leaving you free to read the WhatsApp messages without the app realising.
  • Once this Airplane mode(Offline Mode) has been enabled, the user can then open the WhatsApp and read the message without alerting the sender’s attention to their action by triggering the bluetick.
  • Once you’ve read the message, make sure to close the app properly. This can be done by double tapping the iPhone’s home button and swiping upwards on the WhatsApp preview pane, or by tapping the multitask button and closing the app on Android smartphones.
  • Once the WhatsApp is fully closed, it is safe to deactivate the Airplane Mode(Offline Mode).

Earlier this week, WhatsApp announced it had abandoned its 99 cents annual fee that users paid to retain the service after one year of free use and will allow millions of users to chat for free.


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