Google Tez App Now Adding Chat Option
Google Tez App Now Adding Chat Option

Google Tez App Now Adding Chat Option

Cool! its a great news for Google Tez App users that now it supports a chat option, confirmed in a press statement.

We’ve added a feature to Tez that allows you to send simple messages back and forth to your contacts about the payments you make

No doubt google Tez is the best UPI payment option or India-exclusive digital payment platform. This add-on feature allows users to send messages related to each transaction. It is helpful for users to know about the Purpose of payments and so on.

Google Tez sync the Contact list from the phone of the user and help in the chat option. According to the recent news report, WhatsApp introduces UPI-based payment feature in India which remains for the testing process. This chat feature will come soon in the google Tez App soon after WhatsApp started testing payment system on its app.

Currently, Google Tez app gives two option when you plan to make any transaction either paying or requesting money. Chat icon is said to be placed next to these two actions. Also, All Transactions details, current offers and bank balance can be checked in Google Tez.

So, it is good for users to keep track of payment or money. Only there is a need for simple messages to send about the transaction.

Furthermore, Google CEO confirmed that since its launch, Google Tez processed over 250 million transactions till date with over 13.5 million monthly active users across the country.


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