Google launches 5 new experimental Digital Wellbeing apps


Google launches 5 new experimental Digital Wellbeing apps to reduce your screen time

Smartphones are an essential part of our daily lives, with the help of many apps we solve the basic daily needs. And now we are becoming parasite in the fast-paced world of technology, we are highly engaged and occupied in them. Last year, Google introduced Digital Wellbeing App with the set of functionalities designed to let users see how much time they are spending on their smartphones. The Search engine giant launched 5 new digital wellbeing apps on Android.

The Search engine giant says these experiments are aimed at encouraging developers and designers to build digital wellbeing tools in their products and services.

The six experimental digital wellbeing apps for Android users are:

  1. Unlock Clock
  2. Post Box
  3. We Flip
  4. Paper Phone
  5. Desert Island
  6. Morph

The digital wellbeing apps have matured with new features, parental control integration, Chrome browsing monitoring, and has become mandatory for all Android devices going forward.

Unlock Clock

Google launches 5 new experimental Digital Wellbeing apps
Google launches 5 new experimental Digital Wellbeing apps

According to Google, the Unlock Clock app brings a new lock-screen live wallpaper that lets you keep track of how many times you unlock your smartphone in a day. The search engine giant hopes this will better help you understand your smartphone usage. Once installed, you can find Unlock Clock inside of Google’s Wallpapers app and set it as a live wallpaper.

Post Box

The Post Box app is quite smart. Post Box helps you minimise distractions, by holding your notifications until a time that suits you. It is designed to allow you to choose when you want notifications to be delivered on your phone. The app will hold your notifications in one place and release them for your perusal at the specified time of the day.

We Flip

We Flip help you to switch off from technology as a group and spend quality time together in the physical world.

“Simply wait for everyone to join, then flip the switch together to begin your session. If someone in the group unlocks, the session will end and you’ll be able to see how you did,” Google explains.

Paper Phone

Paper Phone helps you to find a balance with technology by printing a personal booklet containing key information for which you would normally need your smartphone. It will help you to have a little break from the digital world. The paper phone app allows you to choose what to include in the booklet, including favourite contacts, maps, calendar information, meetings and more. You can also create paper apps for recipes, phrasebooks, and notepads. It gives you the paper version of your smartphone.

Desert Island

Desert Island help you to not depends on the technology by challenging you to get through a day by just sticking to most important apps. You can choose the most important app, up to seven, and then see if you can last through the day.

After 24 hours, you get a summary showing how well you did in focusing on these apps and how often you strayed and opened others.


Morph is an Android launcher that shows different apps based on time and location. Simply divide your time with the apps that are most important for you on that time. By doing this, the app hopes to keep your focussed on important tasks.

“Simply think about how you divide your time and choose the apps that are most important to you in each mode. Based on time or place, your phone will automatically adapt – giving you just the right apps at just the right time,” Google writes.


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