Google Auto Delete Location History Feature, Lets You To Delete Your Location History
Google Auto Delete Location History Feature, Lets You To Delete Your Location History

Google tracks everything you do, everywhere you go via the apps, now there is option to delete history by Google Auto Delete Location History Feature

Since times privacy became a major concern, we heard numerous times that – Facebook tracks data, Google tracks data. Now, highlighting another Google product Google Maps which we use quite frequently. Google Maps stores your location and location history for an unspecified period of time. The good news is that now Google Auto Delete Location History Feature gives the option to users to delete it.

Google announced earlier that auto-delete controls for your Location History and activity data give users an option to control the settings and choose if they want to keep this location history saved or not.

Moreover, Google admitted that it collects users data from applications. In order to track users, there is a pixel tracking, an HTML code snippet loaded into a website or email.

How to use this “Auto-delete location history” feature on Google Maps

Step 1: Go to Google Maps and tap on the menu icon.

Step 2: Go to “Your timeline”.

Step 3: Tap on the three dots icon, on the top right corner.

Step 4: Tap “Settings and privacy”

Step 5: Scroll down and tap on “Automatically delete Location History”

Step 6: Three options will display from where you can select as per the wish. Options are- — Keep until I delete manually, and Keep for 18 months and Keep for 3 months.

Step 7: Tap “Next”

Step 8: Lastly, click on confirm for the confirmation of your action.

How to delete your Web and App Activity

Step 1. Go to Gmail.

Step 2. Tap on the menu icon and scroll down to select “Settings”.

Step 3. Now, select your account and tap on “Manage your Google Account”.

Step 4. Click on Get started and select Data & personalization from the top navigation bar.

Step 5. Go to activity controls and select Web & App Activity

Step 6. Now, tap on Manage Activity and re-enter your password to confirm the account. tap on the more icon, at the top right and select “Keep activity for”.

Step 7. Lastly, you could see the option to manually delete or force Google to automatically delete after three or 18 months.

8. Tap Next for confirmation.

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