The Far Cry 5 - Ubisoft reveals first Far Cry 5 art and Character
The Far Cry 5 - Ubisoft reveals first Far Cry 5 art and Character

The Far Cry 5 – Ubisoft reveals first Far Cry 5 art and Character

Good news for The Far Cry Lover after the huge success of Far cry 4 and primal the first person shooting game and hear Ubisoft reveals the first unseen photo of the game, The official Far Cry 5 reveal is still a day out.

The Image which was revealed by Ubisoft is quite looking awesome and it’s depicts a group of heavily-armed, heavily-bearded men, plus one woman and a wolf, positioned in a very Last Supper-like pose around a table festooned with a slightly-modified US flag—crosses instead of stars—and with a vaguely menacing messiah figure at the center. There are guns and ammo all around, of course, and a badly beaten man sitting in front, his hands bound and the word “Sinner” scrawled across his back.

So the excitement of Gamers towards this game is intensifying, and four new teasers have been released for Far Cry 5, confirming that the game will take place in the US – specifically the state of Montana – for the first time in the series’ history.

The idea here is to fire imaginations with panoramas plucked from the Western United States — namely Hope County, Montana.

The county is fictitious, but those landscapes sure aren’t. The nearest I’ve been to Montana is Sheridan, Wyoming, but those open range sweeps framed by snowy mountains sure look a lot like the Bighorns, which run along Interstate 90, up through northern Wyoming and across the south-central Montana border. Oh, and pay close attention to those zooms and slides and you’ll notice shenanigans going on.

Far Cry 5 is set in a Montana county, and its lead enemies, judging from the key art, are a band of white Americans. The image is a loaded collision of violence, religion, and politics. The band of rural Americans, sporting unkempt beards and wool button-downs while wielding magnums and bowie knives, re-create the tableau of da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

Essentially, the rumors that this game was about a religious cult/militia of some sort appear to be absolutely true. This is a good thing, but it’s going to be especially controversial in a day and age when so many people are more divided than ever along political lines.

Neo-Nazis in Whitefish, Montana threatened to hold an armed march recently, and white supremacist groups have been more active than they’ve been in a long time in recent months. This game could very well cut close to the bone.

The short trailers end with a message saying that the game will be revealed this Friday, May 26.

Let’s see what Far Cry 5 will deliver upon its formula of beautiful settings and deadly guns. Stay tune for more about the Far Cry 5 and comment your suggestion below in comment box happy Gaming.


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