BlackBerry Vienna is BlackBerry's second Android Smartphone
BlackBerry Vienna – BlackBerry’s Second Android Smartphone

BlackBerry Vienna is BlackBerry’s second Android Smartphone

BlackBerry is following up the Priv with another Android handset – the BlackBerry Vienna. The Vienna will have many of the features from other models including the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic, but it will have a fixed keyboard instead of the slider used on the design for BlackBerry Priv. The Vienna is BlackBerry’s second Android Smartphone.

The BlackBerry’s second android smartphone – BlackBerry Vienna – is rumored to have a cheaper price than the BlackBerry Priv. Leaked images of the rumored BlackBerry Vienna were posted online at the CrackBerry website.

The leaked images of the BlackBerry’s second android smartphone – BlackBerry Vienna – reveal that it may replace the soft navigation keys like most recent Android devices have by hard keys that correspond to the home buttons.

The leaked images of the BlackBerry Vienna suggest that the smartphone will come equipped with a front-facing camera, front-facing mono speaker, volume controller, microSD and SIM label slots, power buttons and the charging pier is on the left.

Vienna is a mid-range handset it should be cheaper than the Blackberry’s first android smartphone, Priv, which is £579. For the camera, the Vienna will have a smaller camera compared to the BlackBerry Priv.

The leaked images have also revealed that the device will come in various color variants such as silver/white, orange, green as well as blue. The body of the Vienna will likely be built with plastic.

There’s no official release date for the BlackBerry’s second android smartphone – BlackBerry Vienna. BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that the company is planning to make more smartphones in the coming years.


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