BitTorrent Sync 2.3 released

BitTorrent Sync 2.3 brings folder encryption, SD card support and more

BitTorrent has rolled out a major update for its file synchronisation app called BitTorrent Sync which introduces many new features to the popular peer-to-peer app. One of the biggest addition is the ability to add encryption to the folders, which allow you to encrypt your data on any of your Sync-enabled devices.BitTorrent Sync 2.3 releasedBitTorrent Sync allows users to move large files from one device to another over local network or the Internet, without using cloud or third-party services. BitTorrent Sync provides three types of keys for an encrypted folder depending on a user’s requirements.

BitTorrent Sync 2.3 released

The Read-Write one lets others download and alter the content which has been stored. The Read-Only input allows peers to access and decrypt the files but doesn’t permit them to modify it. Finally, the Encrypted key only gives permission to receive the content. Here’s how the company has described it:

  • Read-Write key. The Read-Write key allows peer to talk with Read-Write, Read-Only and Encrypted peers and modify files in the folder. Read-Write keys start with D.
  • Read-Only key. The Read-Only key allows peer to talk with Read-Write, Read-Only, and Encrypted peers and to receive file updates to a folder and decrypt it. Read-Only keys that support encrypted folders start with E.
  • Encrypted key. The Encrypted key allows peer talk with Read-Write, Read-Only, and Encrypted peers and to receive updates to folder without the ability to decrypt or modify it. Encrypted keys start with F.

BitTorrent Sync 2.3 released

Other features include the ability to run the app as a service on Windows. The option allows the latest version of Sync app to run even when the device is not logged in. Another new feature is the ability to move data to and from an SD card used by Android 5 devices and newer. If you’re Linux users with a Pro subscription, then you can now selectively download individual files within folders instead of syncing the entire content of the folder.

You can download version 2.3 of BitTorrent Sync here.


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