Here are the best new features in Apple iOS 10.2
Here are the best new features in Apple iOS 10.2

Here are the best new features in Apple iOS 10.2

After rolling out the beta version for Apple iOS 10.2, Apple has finally released the OS update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users. The Apple iOS 10.2 brings a host of new features including a new SOS feature, aligning with the government’s new mandate, and some bug fixes.


The update will be available for iPhone 5 and later devices, iPad fourth generation and later devices, and iPod touch 6th generation and later devices.

Apple iOS 10.2 can be installed easily by either hooking up your device to iTunes having downloaded the update onto your computer or directly to your phone.

To upgrade to your handset simply open Settings, then select General and then open up Software Update in the menus.


Here are the best new features in Apple iOS 10.2
Here are the best new features in Apple iOS 10.2

New emoji

The company has added 100 new Unicode 9.0 emojis that features more diverse characters, new professions, expressions like face palm, shrug and fingers crossed, and new emoji representing sports, food, animals and more.

New Wallpapers

Brand spanking new wallpapers have been added to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models and have been dubbed: Droplet Blue, Droplet Red, and Droplet Yellow.

TV app

Apple’s new app is basically a next-generation TV guide for the streaming generation. It pulls in listings from all your favorite movie and TV show streaming services (aside from Netflix, and we explained why back in October) and recommends content to watch based on popularity and viewing history.

It will also allow you to operate a single sign in feature to let you sync passwords across your various TV Apps.


Apple’s instant messaging service now has background effects that can be added to text messages. This feature only works if the receiver of the message has also upgraded their device.

This new update added two more effects in Apple iOS 10.2. On it called “love,” and it inflates a big heart that’s attached to the message you send. The other is called “celebration,” and it fills the entire screen with sparklers joined by haptic vibrations.


Following the abolition of the headphone jack, Apple has included a Headphone Icon so you know when they are connected now you can’t simply check by plugging them in.


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