When is Google’s birthday?


Is September 27 Google‘s real birthday?

Google is celebrating its 17th birthday with simplistic yet nostalgic doodle. For the record the domain google.com was registered on September 15, 1997. The Linux penguin peeps from behind a CRT monitor displaying the first Google home page. Humming on its side is a server made of Lego bricks. Google looks back at its early days in its ‘17th birthday doodle‘. The computer screen shows the first extremely basic HTML webpage that Google presented for users. There is a small penguin that is peeking out from behind the computer monitor. There is a white wired mouse and a party hat on top of the computer monitor. There is an interesting box on the right hand side behind the lava lamp with two vortex portal grey and black opening facing the computer monitor. What’s interesting is there are two Lego figures sitting on the weird box as well. Two sets of wires of seemingly different thickness coils down below the desk. The coil and colour of the wires behind the box kind of looks like the tail of Porky Pig from Looney Toons.

google birth day


Is September 27 Google’s real birthday?

In 2004, its 6th birthday Doodle went online on September 7 and in the year before that, it was September 8. Google alluded to this confusion in 2013, admitting it had celebrated its birthday on four different dates ,on September 7th, 8th,  26th, and, most recently the 27th, but September 27 now seems to have stuck. The company may have just chosen the date because it was what the first birthday Doodle in 2002 used.

Google was born as a research project in Stanford University in March 1995 and launched in 1998 when Larry Page teamed up with his college friend with $1 million raised from friends, family, and other investors. Now, Google is worth over $367.6 Billion.


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