Google made an Android wallpaper- Meter


Google Releases The ‘Meter’ app For Real-Time Stats On Your Homescreen

The Google Creative Lab released Meter. Meter is a live Wallpaper that shows you your signal strength, notification count, and battery life using colorful geometric shapes. Meter is showing useful information at glance on all Android 4.0.3 and up devices. which is a small 1 MB download.

Meter is applied like any other wallpaper, but asks for permissions like an app (you’ll have to grant it full functionality).

Your Wi-Fi signal strength is shown using a triangle, with the amount of shading inside the triangle representing your current wireless signal. It also tilts according to how your phone is tilted.

Wi-Fi signal strength- Meter
Wi-Fi signal strength

Battery life is represented by a large circle being a full charge and a smaller circle inside the big one sized to show current power capacity. The inner circle moves as you tilt your phone in different directions.

Battery life- Meter
Battery life

It’s a blue box with each notification represented by a narrow rectangle. Each rectangle gets a shade deeper.

Notification- Meter

The wallpaper only shows you one metric at a time, and it cycles between the three data points when you wake your phone from sleep or go back to your home screen from an open app. It’s light on features, but you can disable any of the three modes if you don’t like them.

Meter takes advantage of the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors Technology inside a device.


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