Amazon: Acquires Smart Camera And Doorbell Company Blink
Amazon: Acquires Smart Camera And Doorbell Company Blink

Amazon: Acquires Smart Camera And Doorbell Company Blink

Amazon acquires wire-free connected camera startup Blink (founded in 2014), famous for its Products Blink XT Weatherproof Camera, Indoor Camera, and Video Doorbell.

Blink products consist of many amazing and helpful features like Home monitoring, Motion Detection, Alerts, Live view model, Instant On, Temperature Centre and much more for the totally wireless home monitoring system.

A company started their journey by crowdfunding campaign to raise $200k for its entirely wire-free security. it generated an impressive reputation for battery-powered devices, don’t need the wiring and wireless products work effectively with its two AA batteries that have a sufficient life of 2 years. Also, costs less, at just $99 per unit.

Finally, the campaign touched a success, and fix a deal with Amazon for selling of its products.

“If you own one of our systems, nothing changes for now. We’ll continue to operate under the Amazon umbrella selling and supporting the same great products you know and love. It’s Day 1 for us at Amazon, and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can deliver to our customers together”, Blink said.

Moreover, It was noticed that Amazon willingly owing Blink to sell their products by the report of CNBC. ” We already know customers love their home security cameras and monitoring systems. We’re excited to welcome their team and invent together on behalf of customers”, Amazon said( one of their distributors).

So, The acquisition was announced and although it hasn’t been disclosed how much money Amazon paid for Blink.


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