1TB of free Google Drive Storage for Two Years
1TB of free Google Drive Storage for Two Years

Google Expands Local Guides Program With 1TB Of Free Google Drive Space For Two Years

Google announced that the Local Guides program would be receiving one of the largest updates since its establishment. Local Guides is a global community of people who love to contribute to Google Maps, help others find the best spots in town, make new friends, and unlock exclusive benefits along the way. These contributions come in the form of writing reviews, uploading photos, adding new places, answering questions, and fixing data about businesses.

The more you contribute as a Local Guide, the more benefits you’ll enjoy

The news came in as a one of the Reddit user claimed that he received 1TB of free Google Drive Storage. Worth it for $240 of storage. The storage was offered to the Reddit user as he became the Rank 4 Local Guide on Google Maps, as he completed a certain amount of reviews.

You need to collect as many as 200 points to get the 1TB of free Google Drive Storage

1TB of free Google Drive Storage for Two Years
1TB of free Google Drive Storage for Two Years

Users must write reviews as well as upload pictures of places, addition of new places, fixing errors and wrong information and answering questions from Google Maps in your region.

There are five levels to get 1TB of free Google Drive Storage

  • Level 1 (0 – 4 points): Level 1 is awarded to Guides with four or less points and offers access to exclusive contests.
  • Level 2 (5 – 49 points): In level 2 you will get early access to new Google products and features.
  • Level 3 (50 – 199 points): which means you are now officially listed on Google Maps as a Local Guide, with an official Local Guides badge.
  • Level 4 (200 – 499 points): If you collect more than 200 points, but less than 500 points then you will receive the 1TB Google Drive storage. Free 1 TB upgrade of your Drive storage, allowing you to keep all the stories, photos, and videos from your travels in one safe place.
  • Level 5 (500+ points): In level 5 you are eligible to apply to go to an event (inaugural summit in 2016), and meet other Level 5 Guides from around the world, explore the Google campus, and get the latest info about Google Maps. To reach this status, you will need to be in receipt of an excess of 500 points.


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