Instagram Plans To Introduce Five New Features for Stories and Posts
Instagram Plans To Introduce Five New Features for Stories and Posts

Instagram Plans To Introduce Five New Features for Stories and Posts

Instagram,  A Photo and video-sharing social networking service, is now thinking to give a new feel to its customers. It plans to add several new functional features to its interface.

The new features include the Slow-Mo mode for its Storie’s reactions(similar to the ones on Facebook), Video calls might make it to Instagram soon, able to mute profiles on your feed and a new Calendar view for Instagram Stories’ archive.

Well, It is a good move to offer as much functionality as possible to its users. Twitter user wongmjane posted about various tests Instagram has conducted or is currently testing.

For this implementation, we are just waiting until it’s applicable. Among these new features, the video calling feature is currently available for users on Snapchat.

Furthermore, users can expect more attractive stories by adding more reactions to it. For this Instagram is looking to borrow Reactions from Facebook.

These Stories Reactions will be available when you click on the Reply button on a user’s story like facebook. When you select the preferred reaction then it will be sent to the user in separate DMs. The feature is available for select users in some parts of South America.

Another one is a Slow-Mo feature, You can post stories by recording motion videos, in the future.

Mute button, This feature lets users mute posts from certain profiles in their feed, without having to unfollow them. Which is different from muting audio or video of any user, later you can also unmute it.

Currently, Instagram has STORIES’ CALENDAR ARCHIVE VIEW in the form of a list with date tags, It will add new Calendar view for social media addicts in order to make slightly easier to managing their dozens of stories according to date, month, and year.


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