Moto X5 Smartphone Reportedly Cancelled by Motorola
Moto X5 Smartphone Reportedly Cancelled by Motorola

Moto X5 Smartphone Reportedly Cancelled by Motorola

 According to the recent reports, it is seen that Motorola has confirmed layoffs almost 50%, in its Chicago engineering office and Moto X5, the smartphone that was leaked in January this year along with Moto G6 and Moto Z3, is reportedly being cancelled.

The company’s Moto Z series of modular phones are emerging safely as part of a layoff exercise. The Moto X5 was to be the successor to the last year’s Moto X4 that came back in September.

Also, Motorola, the iconic mobile phone brand that Lenovo acquired from Google in 2014.  is planning to cancel the Moto X5 Smartphone and will not release any X series device perhaps Moto X5 is the most interesting devices.

Clearly, Motorola does not stop to develop a Moto X5 as the phone that was already in development. The company has dropped the launch of the Moto X5. Meanwhile, The development of the modular Moto Z series will continue.

Furthermore, Motorola will focus on its E, G, and Z. Also, the X series will come back again in the market.

So, the Motorola will continue with its Z series smartphones. Motorola states that 190 people have been laid off with an aim to pull out markets where Smartphones are not just sale and focus on core markets that will generate the sale.

Notably, Motorola also said that it establish the partnership with the third-party Moto Mod(VR mod) makers.


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