The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots

The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots
The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots

The Top 10 Tools to Build your Own Chatbots

Recently, bots have swept the tech and startup world. While making a robot sounds complicated for most people, creating a chatbot is way, way easier. The term chatbot stands for an Artifical Intelligence (AI) that automatically chats with internet users, and answers the questions they ask. Here’s a list of the top 10 tools to build your own Chatbots, whether your bot is a brand, a new idea, or just for fun.

A chatbot can function in many different ways. Depending on its type, a chatbot can talk to you or provide customer service, and tell you what the current weather. For businesses, chatbots could respond to a customer’s question and help you do your job.


The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots

If you have a business page on Facebook, you might want to consider Chatfuel, a chatbot creator for Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Chatfuel will guide you step by step in making your own chatbot, without any coding needed. Chatfuel claims that you can build a chatbot in 7 minutes. You can edit a response as well as add content with simple hyperlinks. It’s free to use unless you need to go over 100,000 messages a month.

Chatfuel was founded by Russian entrepreneurs Dmitrii Dumik and Artem Ptashnik last year. The company has 12 staff across offices in Moscow and San Francisco, and it earned the backing of Russian Internet Yandex — ‘The Google Of Russia’ — which led its most recent funding round.


The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots

Botsify is a chatbot creator that is also designed for Facebook users as well. To use Botsify, you only need to visit, integrate your Facebook account, set up a webhook, write commands for the chatbot, and let it carry out the customer service for you. Botsify has clients such as Apple, Shazam, and Universal Media Group already using the platform. It has four pricing plans; the free plan allows for unlimited messages, but the other three offer integration with WordPress and Medium.


The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots

Flowxo offers a wider array of features and integrations than most other bot builders. Like most other, the main selling point is a visual bot builder with a Standard Plan for $19/month for 15 bots or active flows and 2,500 interactions. Features include Chatting with users of the bot via helpdesk/email, multi-language support, custom Javascript, and more.

4Beep Boop

The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots

Beep Boop, from a company called Robots and Pencils, is a paid hosting platform to developers who intend to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger or Slack. It allows users to easily manage and deploy bot code stored in GitHub repositories. It also offers a node.js module to simplify integration with‘s natural language bot engine. Slackbots created with Beep Boop can be connected to Slack using the Real Time Messaging API allowing your Slackbot to respond to chats. It doesn’t offer any explanation as to the silly name.

The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots is a bit newer than the rest but seems to be up and coming with amazing features, such as taking payments and a new chatflow feature. This platform is free for anyone right now and integrates with more than Facebook Messenger if needed.

The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots is a powerful tool to create a conversational Messenger bot. You can embed advanced context, dialog management support and fulfillment into your Facebook Messenger Bot. is designed to make things easier for both developers or non-developers. It’s only a three-step process to build a smart Facebook Messenger Bot. will come out to being the most pricey of all the platforms. After you reach the maximum number of queries per month, it can cost $89 per month billed annually for the first startup plan. This one is more focused on the idea of true conversational commerce, without much besides text between the bot and the user.


The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots

In April, Meya debuted. Made in Canada by Locl Interactive, it’s a platform for building, testing, and deploying messaging app bots to interact with Slack, Twitter, Kik, Telegram, Twilio, and Messenger, among other services.

8Kit Bot

The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots

Kit Bot is actually an SMS chatbot which ” takes care” of your human relationships by asking questions about your daily activities with your friends and reminding you of the people you haven’t seen for a while. It’s quite simple to use the service, you only have to go to the main site, and register your phone number.


The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots

Gupshup is a bot-building platform to facilitate the creation of bots for multiple channels, including Facebook Messenger, SMS, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, HipChat, Twilio, Line, and Cisco Spark, among others. The company’s Bot Builder tool includes integration, for smarter natural language processing.


The Top 10 Tools To Build Your Own Chatbots is another powerful text and image analysis platform that provides a powerful API to developers who can get access to it fast. Indico empowers your program to make the most out of text and image data in the best way possible. Indico offers fast access to its API that developers can make use of to build their custom chat bots.


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