Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016-17
Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers

Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016

JavaScript is a popular programming language for front-end web application development. As a developer, you will find comfort with JavaScript Frameworks. Instead of memorizing and writing code structure, you can include the libraries from the framework and breathe a sigh of relief. JavaScript Frameworks allows developers to design Great UI(user interfaces) for websites and web applications with various features and functionalities.

Here’s a list of 10 most used JavaScript frameworks for web-app development


Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – AngularJS

AngularJS is open-source web application development framework introduced in 2009. The AngularJS framework was developed by Google and it is known for its added qualities and features. AngularJS is a popular front-end JavaScript framework for client-side web development. AngularJS is for dynamic web apps what HTML is for static web pages. It basically extends HTML, and offers extremely robust features, such as deep linking and client side form validation, without the requirement of additional JavaScript code.



Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – React

React is open-source and developed mostly by Facebook with contributions from other major tech companies. React describes itself as a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This JS framework allows you to build complicated and large-scale dynamic apps with ease. The basic fundamental behind React is the concept of virtual DOM. ReactJS utilizes a virtual DOM, which can be rendered either at client side or server side and communicate back and forth.



Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – ember

Ember.js is a web application framework using Handlebars templates and web components to allow the development of feature-rich applications. Ember.js focuses on creating graphics and it can also be very helpful for developers who want to develop wonderful and capturing front end.



Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – BackBoneJS

BackboneJS is a simple JavaScript framework used for developing structured single-page applications and complex user interfaces. It is helpful for data structuring while designing client-side, web applications using JavaScript. BackboneJS will remind you a lot of jQuery, with its huge community and many, many plugins and extensions. BackboneJS is used by Walmart, Pinterest, Twitter, Hulu, Pandora Radio and many others.



Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – knockout

KnockoutJS is a great open-source JavaScript Framework that based on model-view-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture design pattern. It is developed on plain JavaScript, without any external dependencies. It is cute and lightweight. It’s easy to use and get started. It is widely used for creating responsive display and editor user interfaces. Some of its major features include automatic dependency tracking, declarative binding and templating.



Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – Meteor

The best thing about MeteorJS is that you use only JavaScript for the end to end application development, no need to invest time learning anything else. MeteorJS is modular and the packages and libraries can be used on demand. This framework gives you flexibility and tools to create fully-functional production apps. The server side packages work in the node.js, so you don’t need anything but MeteorJS packages to open the database. Modifications in the database are imitated back on the UI without the confusion between different languages. A lot of applications are built using Meteor, such as Cintrifuse, Assistant and Liquid.



Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – Polymor

PolymerJS was released in 2013 by Google. It uses the concept of web components with an objective to extend HTML capabilities. If that reminds you of Angular, it’s intentional. Polymer uses the concept of web components to extend HTML capabilities.



Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – Vue

VueJS is new, and it is gaining popularity among the web developers. VueJS was first released in 2014 as open source framework for public use under MIT license. This framework works on model-view-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture design pattern. It has datareactive components with easy and compatible API. Vue is for developing and creating modern and sleek web interfaces.Vue is inspired by AngularJS, ReactiveJs, knockoutJS and RivetsJS.



Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – Aurelia

Aurelia is an open source modern framework for the client-side web, desktop, and mobile development. Aurelia is composed of smaller, focused modules that allow developers to build a custom solution or use it as a full-fledged framework. AureliaJS is the creation of Rob Eisenberg and the team who come mostly from the world of Angular and Durandal.



Top 10 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Developers 2016 – Mercury

Mercury is the creation of Raynos and available as open source under MIT license. It is fast growing in popularity and is getting a lot of attention from the community of JavaScript Developers. Mercury is lightweight, simple and potent modular front-end framework that provides a number of pre-built web modules and components that you can start implementing in your apps straight away. Mercury appears to be inspired by react and runs on the concept of virtual DOM rendering. It is modern JavaScript framework, fully modular and can be used to the extent you need.



  1. You really forgot mithril.js ( which is more popular the mercury and aurelia (according to github stars) and much more pleasant to work* with than all the other frameworks.

    It also utilizes the concept of virtual DOM but is much faster and smaller than react.js.

    * personal opinion 😉


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