Twitter Launches Gif Search for Tweets, Direct Messages

Twitter launches GIF search feature for Tweets, Direct Messages

Twitter is rolling out a new feature — GIF search — across its iOS and Android apps as well as its website, This GIF search button will let you instantly search for a GIF, the GIF search feature is powered via partnerships with Giphy and Riffsy.

Twitter said that its users shared over 100 million GIFs last year — expressing everything from their mood, to an amazing dunk, to their favourite dance move from a music video. Now, sharing GIFs in Tweets and Direct Messages is even easier with our new GIF search.

Twitter said on Wednesday in a blog post that – Whenever you’re composing a tweet or a Direct Message simply search and browse the GIF library to find one that you want to use with that message. You can search by keyword, or browse categories of different reactions like Happy Dance, Mic Drop, or YOLO.

Twitter Launches Gif Search for Tweets, Direct Messages
Twitter Launches Gif Search for Tweets, Direct Messages

“So if you’re looking for the perfect cat yawn or dance move to express exactly how you feel, just click the new GIF button,” the post said. The phrase “Introducing GIF” was trending on Twitter, with several users tweeting their own image files in reaction.

A GIF, short for graphics interchange format, is a moving image that plays over and over again. It is often used on social media to express users’ emotions.


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