Solid State Drive Shield for Raspberry Pi 2- CSB502SSD
Solid State Drive Shield for Raspberry Pi 2

CSB502SSD Multi-Function Solid State Drive Shield for Raspberry Pi 2

Pi 2 Design is ready to introduce a new line of Embedded and Media-based I/O shields for the Raspberry Pi 2. Coupled with the high-performance Raspberry Pi 2 with Quad Core Cortex-A7 CPU, the CSB502SSD Multi-Function Solid State Drive shield allows users to create a high performance, low cost and embedded network storage device.

This powerful combination of the CSB502SSD and the Raspberry Pi 2 lets you leverage the Raspberry Pi 2 ecosystem for a wide variety of Embedded, Data Storage, Medical and Industrial applications.

In addition to the 1TB SSD, the CSB502SSD provides key functionality to the Raspberry PI 2. Which includes: 802.11b/g/n Wifi w/Soft-AP Mode support, Dual USB 2.0 with 1A power, On-Board wide-input (8V-24V) power supply delivers 20W (5V @ 4A) of  power to all peripherals and the Raspberry PI 2, Battery backed RTC. It also includes the Temperature Sensor with 64-bit ID allows the CSB502SSD to monitor the health of the SSD and provide a unique asset tag.

Solid State Drive Shield for Raspberry Pi 2 -CSB502SSD
Solid State Drive Shield for Raspberry Pi 2

Specifications and Features

  • FORM FACTOR – Full Size Raspberry Pi 2 I/O Shield with a 40-Pin mating connector. The stacking version is available upon request.
  • USB PORTS – Two USB2.0 Type A for additional USB expansion.
  • SSD – PL2571 Controller and mSATA Socket for up to 1TB on-board Storage.
  • WiFi – GWF-3M08 Module (Based on Ralink RT537) provides 802.11b/g/n for up to 150Mbps. On-Module IPEX connector allows for optimal antenna placement.
  • RTC WITH BATTERY – DS1339 Real Time Clock with 16mm Coin Cell Backup and Programmable Alarm.
  • TEMP SENSOR – 1-Wire DS18B20 Temperature Sensor mounted below SSD to monitor health of drive. Additionally the DS18B20 has a unique 64-Bit ID that can be used to identify the shield.
  • ON-BOARD POWER SUPPLY – Wide-Input 5V @ 4A power supply powers all peripherals as well as the Raspberry Pi 2.

Multi-Function Solid State Drive Shield for Raspberry Pi 2 will be available to buy through a Kickstarter campaign starting December 2nd this year. Check it out for the early bird pricing and unique bundle options. Multi-Function Solid State Drive Shield for Raspberry Pi 2 will start shipping in early January 2016.


  1. Please note that we’ve increased the power supply to 50W (5V@10A) based on feedback. This will allow the CSB502SSD to power the Pi, it’s USB, the CSB502SSD (including it’s two 1.5A USB), plus up to 4A for additional stacked shields such as our upcoming CSB502V2S HDMI to 8-Channel Audio.

    We’ve also added a 5-pin header to power the new Pi Foundation 7″ display.

    Shipping will still happen in January for the early early birds and February for early birds.


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